Game/30 Tournament – Day 1

This evening, I played for the first time at the Colorado Springs Chess Club (CSCC), and only the second time in a G/30 tournament (first one was around 15 years ago). This tournament is a dual-rated USCF tournament.

As I told my buddy Alex, at least at G/30 they won’t get to analyze the position on my clock the way they do at G/90. The Tournament is called “The Mating Game”, and I had to wonder if it weren’t because there are a lot of mates. Well, at least in my games I guess there are.

In Round 1, I dropped a pawn straight off the bat to a little kid, but he didn’t take it. Apparently, the game was equal when he slipped up with ..h6 instead of ..Kh8, but at Game/30, well you can guess the rest.

In Round 2, against Buck, I seemed to follow the lower-rated player principle of just going for it and make the higher-rated player refute you (which is hard to do in non-classical time controls.

If Round 2 were an NFL football highlight by Chris Burman, I could imagine it going something like this “Lower-rated Brian has just blundered his queen starting with 21…Qf3??. Buck has outplayed his junior opponent and they can both hit the showers after 22.Rh2!. But what’s this? Fumble! Brian picks up the ball, and, he could..go..all..the..way. Touchdown!

I was very nervous about the clock in my first game, and only spent 9 minutes and 3 seconds on the game, which was the first one that completed.

I didn’t have to wait long for Round 2, as all of the games were over within 45 minutes. In Round 2, I played the opening like a Troglodyte, showing my ignorance for allowing the free e4 move, and then moving the e-pawn twice. Buck really deserved the win (he doesn’t gripe, simply congratulates me, records the result, and then leaves).

In all honesty, I did not see the mate, was only expecting the move 25.Kd3, and then figure it out from there. I had 7 minutes and 59 seconds remaining on my clock when he resigned.

I played in the hopes that G/30 would improve my G/90 results, and I am encouraged by this sudden progress. πŸ™‚ That would be funny if I became an Expert at G/30, just like my lightening rating on FICS is something like 1900+. haha.

I was really tired before the tournament, and fell asleep in hour long nap. I guess nothing beats a nap before a game.


4 thoughts on “Game/30 Tournament – Day 1

  1. Sexy game vs. Buck. Just some common sense chess. He tries to tuck his King in the center w/ Queen’s on you just get your Queen deep into his base and then infiltrate w/ rooks on a-file. Beautifully done.

  2. Thanks, Tim!

    Neither one of us spotted Rh2, and then Be1 trapping the queen. Rh2, then e5 Bxe5, Be4 also traps the queen. He played the attack so brilliantly, but I believe this just goes to show that we are all more than capable of playing crappy defense. Neither one us saw that Rh2 was trapping the queen, even after the game.

  3. Qf3? Even Gelfand did not notice … πŸ™‚
    I don’t like his Kd2, especially with such a short time control, basically antipositional. Your attack was good, not counting Qf3, of course.

    In Game 1 Poor kid played according to his rating.

  4. When I said that he could have trapped my queen, the next day, he said “Oh really? How much time did I have left?” He didn’t think he had time to find it! Very interesting.

    Computer said I was okay before …Qf3, but I had felt that he was winning my c7 pawn with Nb5 if I had not played so.

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