On Thursday, I played Dean Brown again, who has never beaten me but always gives me good games. Well, in this Round 3 game, he was simply winning. I did nothing out of the opening other than to hunker-down unsuccessfully. Luckily, he misses the winning move 20…Rfc8!, which I saw once he exchanged his knight pair for my rook and pawn. I saw it coming down, but didn’t have the fortitude to avoid it with a move like 19.Bb3, or at least not at G/90.

I got three hours sleep last night, and then worked 9 hours, nodding off for a moment at a signal on the way there. I drank plenty of coffee there, but my opponent was the one having the great night. But once again, even though I thought that …Nxb4!! was winning, my opponent bungles it up after this point. I can’t explain why lower rated players can play great for 20 moves, and then completely fall apart, but for some reason they do, and that seems to be the biggest difference between me and them.

At one point I moved my knight to d3 instead of c3, and Dean caught it a move later and then added 2 minutes to his clock. I was already up a couple pieces, but this sort of thing only happens to me when I don’t get enough sleep. Last two weeks I play with my buddy on Monday, and then club games on T-TH and it is just to much to sustain. I liked my opponent’s attack a lot though, and have a lot to learn from this game.

I had 1 minute and 11 or 12 seconds left on my clock by games end. If I had had 30 minutes, Dean probably would have resigned, but nowadays everybody knows to play me down to the nubs on my clock just in case I run out of time.


One thought on “Burnout

  1. You were better until you played b4. It was opening “a” vertical for him.
    Yeah, he missed Rc8 and then royally screwed up with that fork, etc.
    Why guys like this play better in my tournaments. 🙂

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