Blitz Game

I haven’t played a blitz on FICS in quite a while, but people still blog about the value of blitz chess, so I decided to play one.

I played what I thought would be a winning sacrifice, saw that Black was taking my pawn on h3, but missed a royal skewer.

I still think the sac is sound though.
25.Kh2. Bd7 or Bc8, 26.Rg1 Rg8, 27.Qh6+ Ke8, 28.Rge1 any. There follows 29.Qh7 threatening QxRg8 so 29…Rf8 where 30.Bxg6 sac should win quickly (mate in 2). If 25…Bc8 and 28..Kd7 plan, then 29.Qf6 is going to win because the knight can’t move or it’s Qxf7+, and otherwise Qxf7..Rf8, Bf5+. RxNe7 QxNe7 Bf5+ is winning the Ne7 with check. I knew that ..g5 was a blunder before Black even played it, but White is also threatening to play g5! Is it my imagination, or has Nezhmetdinov’s games been rubbing off on me? πŸ™‚

BTW, there is no round of games at the club on the 4th of July.

Also, if you thought GMs were unbeatable by class players, this guy comes pretty close (he’s a Nezh fan). I would consider this endgame won for White, but he agreed to a draw.

They were playing at 40/2, G/1 time controls.


2 thoughts on “Blitz Game

  1. Hey Linux Guy!

    I think I finally figured out how to make blitz useful!!

    I play with no regard for whether I win or lose! I only try to obtain the best position possible in the alloted! So I am “losing” a lot on time or on a bad decision with a few seconds left BUT I am not really losing because I am not playing to win in blitz, only gain the best position I can. And more times than not I AM gaining the better position (even against higher rated players–not always but usually) and then of course time does not allow me to think through the best way to capitalize. But THAT is instructive to see what would have been the best way to proceed.

    So that is my NEW take on blitz! Play for the best position. Period. Learn from it and not give a darn about winning or losing. πŸ™‚

    I save the caring about wins or losses for G/60 or longer (okay maybe even G/45!)


  2. Hi, TommyG! πŸ™‚

    When I play casual or blitz I simply let loose and go sac crazy, and can win a piece down and such. OTB, I get all tight and uptight like I did on Thursday night. I saw that I had a chance against a lower rated player, that I can play Ng5, let him play Bxh2+ and I am probably going to win, but then tried to play it safe for “ratings points purposes” (i.e., not good chess), and possibly should have lost the game because I played a “pass” move, g3? (even h3 was probably better), then my opponent played ..h6, and it should have been all him after that.

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