Thursdays July 2012 – Round 1

Round 1

23.NxNg6? In time-pressure, I calculated 23.f3 NxN, 24.fxB Nxe4, 25.Qc2 not wanting to determine whether both hanging pieces cannot be simultaneously defended (or further attack). They can’t be both defended, so that 23.NxNg6 went from nearly a +1 advantage, according to Fruit, to an even game. I saw that I had missed winning a pawn, but then I guess I missed seeing a pawn win again! Else, I can’t explain how the position later was reached.

My goal was to try and win a positional game, get some experience with that, but I really struggled with it.

In the opening, I had thought about playing 5.c4 Nf6, 6.Nc3 and then regretted not having done it; whereas Fruit says that. 5.Nf3 with 6.NxNf6 is strong, anyway.

I knew that I had the majority attack, but then couldn’t figure on how to play that. I could play it rather equalishly, starting with Bc3 (to support b4) instead of Nf1?


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