Josh Bloomer Simul

Master Josh Bloomer vs Alexander Logan Freeman

Alex should have created a fortress with one knight defending his backward pawn and drawn.

Master Josh Bloomer vs Brian Rountree

I thought I was losing on move 35 when I blundered, anyway, because I had planned 35…RxRe1 but then noticed his 36.QxRd8+ thinking he would then be up a rook after recapturing my other rook, not realizing or seeing that I could play 36…Re1-e8 defending. It seems that defending is the most nerve-wracking and therefore takes me more time. There were fewer boards left at this time so I made my blunder move relatively more quickly than I had been playing before.


One thought on “Josh Bloomer Simul

  1. I’ll say it was somewhat daring to play Benoni against the master.
    He played really well and you were holding until that blunder, yeah it is difficult to defend the whole time.

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