FICS game

It’s nice to know that I can drop a piece and still win against a lower-rated FICS player. 😀
FICS Game 1

Here’s a game where I notice 19.RxR RxR, 20.Be7 just after I move, but I show that I can still work bad openings play out of a point.
FICS Game 2

This second game is my natural style when I am winning. It’s “small-ball” as they call it in baseball. Get one runner home by bunting and stealing rather than try and load the bases while risking strike-outs and double-plays. I also see this as Petrosian’s style – flashy is much harder for me to pull off OTB.


One thought on “FICS game

  1. Game 1 – passed pawn gives you some counterplay, of course he blundered the piece exactly at the right moment. 🙂
    Game 1 – Black had bad pawn structure and lost a pawn. And definitely they shouldn’t have get under the pin, pawn ending is lost.

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