Unmistakeable Game

In Round 2, I knew that I was going to be drawing from the bottom of the ratings ladder, and I left little doubt in this game about who was the higher-rated player.

Shirley isn’t quite as bad as her rating would suggest, after all she did go 2.5/3 a tournament ago and went up over 200 points from the 600’s (ouch). Still, we’ve seen her holding her own late in games against Dean and Mark for instance, so this win felt good because the drought had been so long and senseless.

I finished with 9 minutes on my clock. From move 21 with Nf4 to the end, I only spent 5 minutes on my clock. Imre 1900, lost to Richard 1400 on time and position, so one can never count their chickens ahead of time, but this game felt good to me the whole way through.


2 thoughts on “Unmistakeable Game

  1. That wasn’t for rating points, that was for “stree cred”. 😉 haha.

    I hope that I can really turn this tournament around with a win in Round 3, but I have told myself that I will be happy with draws for a long time because I haven’t gotten hardly any draws and I think that technique should be my biggest strength, not all the crazy stuff that I have tried (and fallen on my face with). That was the longest streak of crazy chess OTB. I’ve never even had a crazy streak OTB before these past couple of months.

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