August 2012 – Final Round

After blundering in time-pressure last week, and having a record dismal tournament, I figured at the last second that I should still play this week just to get at least one game in and to test my new time goal out; namely, 30/60 G/30.

Round 5

Well, I wasn’t intentionally trying to play overly quick. Like I say, my only goal for this game was really to play 30 moves in an hour.

BTW, my move 6…Nd4? – Fruit doesn’t like this move, but I’ve always wanted to try it and never have, not even online, so I figured that this was the time to do it. Of course I looked at c3,d4, but it didn’t seem to me at the time to be any weaker than other alternatives.

13.Ne4?? I consider this to be a big booboo because to me the game is over after this, he know longer has the 4-2 queenside pawn majority – it does cut out any …Bxh2+ action, but that is not saying much, positionally speaking.

16.b4?? I could have played the move I played, which was 16..Bd4 instantly, but I spent 8 minutes hear looking for ..Bxf2+ mates – trying to find the quickest win already.

17…Qxc2. Already, 17…Rxf2!, 18.RxR Qxc2 is a quicker win for Black, but I found it difficult to justify spending much time on this move when another convincing continuation was so evident.

From here on out the moves came rather quick, and his RxN?? blunder was an instant move on his part.

This may seem like a “nothing” win on my part, but it was important for me to “represent” since William is a student of Expert player/coach Lee Simmons, and Lee has his students choose gambit openings. Actually, it was kind of cool when I got there, William had this position setup on the board, thinking White was in trouble, dropping a pawn, and asked me what I should do. I blew the board up in two moves, showing that it was won for White. That was more impressive than my game. haha.

For once, I spent around an hour after the game walking around, watching other players games.

I didn’t understand why my rating ended up only dropping to 1703, while RollingPawns rating has dropped much lower seemingly more quickly. I think it’s because I had one opponent who was 1925, so that when I lost to this player not only did I not lose any ratings points, but may have gained 2 points out of it. If RollingPawns loses to only 1600’s it makes his result look weaker, but throw in the fact that I lost to a 1925 player (whom I had beaten 4x in a row at one point), that makes it look like I lost in some tougher tournament.


7 thoughts on “August 2012 – Final Round

  1. Nd4 is a Fritz variation in Two Knights defense, has a very good stats for Black by the way. I usually play Ulvestad variation, 5… b5, people usually don’t know the best defense – 6. Bf1. His Nxf7 is a novelty and just a bad move.
    After that the game is lost for him taking into account the difference in rating.

    I am playing in a big tournament, in U1900 section.
    The control is 30/90, 60/SD.
    In the 1st round I played with a boy with almost 1900 rating.
    He had initiative for the most of the game and I eventually lost a pawn, but in R+B vs. R+B (opposite colored) I didn’t see that there was a 3-fold repetition, so silly. I could hold it anyway, he had only -0.66 advantage, but I made a wrong move with a rook and couldn’t stop his passed pawn. I had a tiring day before, didn’t feel fresh and I think it had influence, though the boy played well.
    Then I won 2 games, with ~1600 and 1400+.
    The first one could be over in 2 hours after he lost a piece, but he resisted and it took more than an hour to finish him off.
    In the second the guy was nice and resigned, he was pawn down and had worse position and he knows me, we played before and I won twice.

  2. I am glad you are having fun at the chess tournament! šŸ™‚

    I understand about the fatigue. That tournament is even more of an endurance test, but after the 30/90 I’d probably go buy me a cup of coffee. šŸ˜€

    Round 3 game, your opponent may have been more tired than you and didn’t want to fight it out just for practice-sake.

    Didn’t know if ..Nd4 was okay or not, considered playing Ulvestad. You know these lines better than I. I just figured that I could play any line against him in the opening. I’ve been studying the Nimzo-Indian and the Slav defenses, so am really behind on my King-pawn openings.

  3. Interesting idea with f5 in your FICS game. I play f4 in Filidor too, but f5 leaves e5 for the knight. In your case advantages of it outweigh disadvantages.

    I played 3 more rounds. Yesterday was a crazy game with ~1900 boy.
    I was in a huge trouble I think, but defended like hell, then it was kind of equal endgame, maybe a bit better for me and then he blundered, right after 30 moves I think, which he tried to make, so maybe tempo played a role, or as you said fatigue. Today I drew and won with mid-1700 guys, so 4.5/6.
    Don’t think it will be any money, but I am very happy.

  4. The whole f5 with mate on the light-squares is a cookie-cutter idea. I’ve probably seen it many times before in various forms and my first reaction was the same as yours. If anything, they get mated with a pretty knight left standing on e5, so it’s just something to look for, a trick to play on the unwary.

    It sounds like you really hunkered down and won the war of sitzkrieg! That is one reason why I would sometimes take aspirin in a tournament like that, so I didn’t get a heart-attack sitting through all of that defending! šŸ˜€

    Congratulations!!! šŸ™‚ 4.5/6 is a dream-result and you are well on your way to 1800, once again. This has been a long roll for you, starting a couple tournaments back. Now I just need to get my act in gear! šŸ˜‰

    Now the question you should ask yourself is “Am I still on roll? Or should I stop playing chess (for at least a week) and “let the ratings points settle in.”

  5. Thank you. I shared 4-5 places with one guy (5.5 and 2×5 before us), just 0.5 out of money. It’s my highest result in a big (not club) tournament ever.
    I’ll try to publish the games this week.
    The break will be natural, until next Monday at least, Thursdays will start for me in 2.5 weeks. Before I even didn’t want to go to Thursday’s club in the autumn at all, can you imagine it? Now I want to play. šŸ™‚
    But, yeah, I need some rest. My rating should get a good increase, taking into account bonus points, well over 1700.
    I prefer to sit, but have enough time, that time control was really good.

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