Tired Thursdays

Round 1

It’s exhausting to play after work. I’m probably a hundred points stronger when I don’t have to go to work. Little wonder I was rated a hundred points higher back in California, even though I am a better player now than I was then. I simply put more into the game back then.


2 thoughts on “Tired Thursdays

  1. hehehe. Tired enough that I missed Ne7+, saving my knight when he traded queens, but you are right, I hardly needed as big an advantage as I got. 😀

    It was sort of funny, our clocks weren’t moving for the first half hour until I noticed it was on “pause” (it was Alex’s clock) – he’s an older gentelman and forgets to press his clock pretty regularlarly. I had 45 minutes at the end, but probably used more like 75 minutes perhaps, in reality.

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