Ya Never Know

…which tournament is gunna turn out well.

Round 2

Some players like to play BS chess out of the opening, where every game is like a pop-quiz on how to defeat their position. Last night felt like the latter, it was all about the opening, and I should have used up all of my time just because that is what that particular opponent likes to do against me; namely, make the game primarily about the opening.

Tonight, I was playing against a player who is more talented than myself in some respects, so that he sort of “did my homework” for me. Although we blitzed a sort of post-mortem game where I really took him to task with a nice piece sac for connected passed pawns (which he refused), and he just did find the draw by perpetual (which I let him know ahead of time that he probably had).

Here is an example of what I am talking about. He saw that if he plays something safe-looking like my suggestion of 10..0-0 (he played 10..Nc6?!), 11.Rd1 Qc6, 12.Bb4! Re8, 13.BxN RxB, 14.Rd8+ (he saw this line, which I didn’t see, but he missed that he has now ..Rd8) RxR 15.QxR Qxe4, and now White is +-.

I felt that his …Qxa2 move was a blunder (although Fruit prefers it) and that he should have played ..Qe6 and is fine, but maybe he isn’t because of that Bc4 diagonal does not allow ..f6 to be easily played.

In any case, because Gunnar is a strong player he did some of my homework for me at the board, and admitted he shouldn’t play a loose variation like this OTB and not expect to get burned sometimes. He said it in an admission sort of way.

Gunnar is a class-act, admits when he does something wrong. So many weaker players make you do their homework for them, that you really may as well do Stoyko analysis with tactics puzzles because that is what you mostly need to beat them.


4 thoughts on “Ya Never Know

  1. Yes, Nc6 takes c6 from the queen and I think he is worse after Qxa2.
    His Bd7 is a huge blunder, he had to see that his queen is in danger.
    You played well and used all his mistakes, well deserved win.

  2. Thanks, RollingPawns! šŸ™‚ I had 61 minutes left at the end of this game. My faster play definitely played a part, I felt. Also, it had helped that I knew this line from our prior games, and I think that kind of lulled him just a bit as well.

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