Losing the Thread

Round 3

Another game replete with blunders at every turn.

Once again I whip out the opening quickly – 11 moves in 10 minutes – but then White eventually gets in e4, and I am beginning to feel a bit lost at sea. I should say that I wanted to play …Bd6, not ..Bb4, but ..Bb4 looked more “bookish”.

When I played …Qe7, I was goading him into playing Bg5, but then realized that tactically, I simply can’t get in …e5 as I wanted.

His bishops got good, as did the queen. There is a book line with ..Bh5, but I guess it has to be the book line only where it is useful because after that trade, White’s queen was coming in on e6 seven ways to Sunday. My idea was to get in …f5 (after e5) having given up the light bishop to lock-up the light-squares, but I feel like at G/90 that this is where I cannot calculate a plan accurately, whether or not I have time to implement a plan. He went for piece-play first to exploit the pawn/square weakness, rather than resort to a dull pawn-push.

G/90 is a fast enough time-control where you can realize your blunders as you are playing. I was going to play …Rf6 (and could see that Bh4 skewer is not a threat), for instance, instead of …Kh8?, but played ..Kh8 because I didn’t realize that after e7…Qxe7, QxQ I have …Bb4xQ (don’t need to take with the ..Nd5). Made lots of errors like this one, but did save enough time to play until mate, FWIW. 😉

Imre was rated 2251 back in 1992. He was a state champion back in the day.


6 thoughts on “Losing the Thread

  1. Sorry, I got busy on weekend, missed you game.

    I think your real troubles started after Bxf3, you leave your e6 pawn without defense. Also Nc8 is better than Nd7, because it keeps d4 pawn under attack.
    Tough game, what can I say, the guy played really well.
    Anyway, I think it’s a good experience.

    I played today, it was reversal of fortune, the guy (1600+ rated) blundered on move 18 and resigned. At least I came home early. 🙂
    I should get sole or shared first place in my U1900 section, no money of course. it’s a first time in this club, nice, though frankly all 1800+ guys are playing up. Too bad I am getting to only something like 1796.
    Can you imagine, 3 wins and 1 draw (1 bye) and only +16.

  2. “Can you imagine, 3 wins and 1 draw (1 bye) and only +16.”

    That’s terrible. heh. The rating system is such a soul-less entity. It rewards the lower-rateds who bring their A-game against people who earned a higher-rating over time (and aren’t as fresh at the time of the game). Actually, none of this is ever supposed to happen; we are supposed to move up or down by playing like-rated opponents, not this playing 200 points up or down baloney (then we would know to always be at our best).

    I’ve gotten 17 in a row correct on ChessTempo. My rating there is at least solid at 1650. 🙂

    I’m really happy that you are 1797 now. 🙂 I wish you didn’t have to be 1900+ to play in that next section. Without a prize or ratings points, you really have to be motivated for that. Only 16 points sounds really harsh, deserve more for that.

    18 in a row now. The weird part is that my inuition is sharper, guessing the first move correctly on a lot of them.

    Oh yeah, I debated between ..Nd7 and ..Nc8. ..Nc8 was my blitz-move plan, to play ..Nb6, ..Rd8, …Nc8, but then it looked like I needed more out of the postion. Positionally, you are right, I think ..BxNf3 was like the end of the game; one hair-brained move and he knew how to take it home from there.

    Oh, I am happy for you that your game finished quickly, but just remember that quick wins are a set-up for a loss. Me and my buddy Alex brought this up a few times, how some opponents can throw lots of games against you, going for goofy attacks or whatever, but that one or more times they beat you it’s like they get all their rating points back and then some. One game they blunder a rook, and next game it’s like rook-sack FTW!!! (for the win) 😉

    I missed a few more, but got my rating up to 1664 now on ChessTempo. I think it’s more important to spend the time to solve the problem rather than rely on pattern-recognition. The key seems to be to solve correctly, and then that’s wonderful if one can speed up that process from time to time (i.e., get lucky somehow, picking or seeing the right line). See it right at first, and then right and quickly later on. Oh, I missed one where it was still winning, and missed another because I found mate in 5 instead of mate in 4 and it failed me for that!

  3. I don’t have to be 1900+, but I have to be 1800 at least, yeah …
    I spent some time on Chess Tempo in the past, even paid for a month.
    I see what you are saying about the easy wins.
    I think, he made a mistake offering me to play blitz before the game, we didn’t know we will play each other, though I expected. He lost on time the first, won game, then I won another two just overplaying him.
    Maybe it had an effect, the blunder was really big, just a bishop fork on queen and knight.
    How do you like this: 🙂

  4. Wow, very nice! It doesn’t seem as though you would finish so decisively, after starting out like Petrosian and then ending it up like Petrosian! 😉

    OTB, it seems as though it would be easier to make big blunder, but for some reason they rarely if ever seem to happen to me until time-pressure settles in, then it doesn’t matter since time-pressure is time-pressure whether OTB or on the internet.

    I got my rating up to 1680 on Chess Tempo, even getting most of the ridiculous stuff right, just for a few rating points at a time (which means it would take just as long to lose those points, versus getting there quickly).

    With ChessTempo tactics, the important thing is getting them right, and then speed can come naturally. It would be folly to force speed when solving tactics puzzles.

    1694 on ChessTempo. I’ve solved some great ones. I like this rating because my positional OTB rating used to be stronger than my tactical rating. Now they are very balanced, and at G/90, because of the speed, my tactical ability should overshadow my positional ability. It takes longer to know that …BxNf3 is a bad move in that game, and in the end you get nothing out of it other than having avoided playing a worse move.

    1701 on ChessTempo. It’s been steady improvement. If I’m patient enough, I seem to find just about everything. 1703. Out of my last 29 problems, only one wrong! And in that wrong one, I found a win, but I played the second move too quickly and missed a mate in one. My user name there is chessanalyst.

  5. Maybe you need to stay longer on Chess Tempo than I did, I hope it transforms for you into … 🙂
    Yesterday I learned that my rating went up to 1800. It was a nice feeling getting back. I might still not be eligible for Premier section (which is FIDE rated!), because they say 1900+ (means 1800 + 100 will still be out, but I need to ask).
    Also, out of 19 people 7 were 2100+ and 2 – 2000+, so it’s a tough section.
    On Thursdays (I am not playing today) I am playing in the upper section, but it’s basically 1700+.
    Did you play yesterday?

  6. No, I didn’t play, it would have been a meaningless game against someone weak. My rating dropped to 1681. I played tonight and won the under 1900 prize.

    I played badly in terms of not bothering to calculate stuff out, and waffling on key moves. I still spend too much time where no calculating is going on, and not enough time where calculating should be taking place. This game could have been easily won or easily lost, but I finally got a draw just by hanging in there and continuing to make moves. 😉

    I hope you get to play in the 1900 group! 🙂

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