No Time for Endgames

The biggest thing I did wrong in this game was to spend half of my time on the first eleven moves alone.

Round 1

We went over it post-mortem and Paul never thought I was winning, and what’s more he kept finding all of these fancy draw. The last draw we looked at was this one:

Round 2 – analysis

Rhett was standing by and he spotted this miracle draw with knight-fork check (we all found this line together, but the fork was the secret ingredient that really makes it work). So, I was a bit baffled that could not find a win, and could not prove so, and it seemed they were right, just a draw.

Well, the key in all of this is that move 61.Kg3? is a draw, but 61.Kh3!! is a win. This is much like the famous game which Bronstein felt cost him the match with Botvinnik, where Botvinnik made a move like Kh3, whereas Bronstein had only considered Kg3 and lost.

In the game, I flagged in a dead-even position, simply need to move the king back to defend the backward b7 pawn and it is a straightforward draw – shuffle the bishop back and forth. As it was, I had missed his knight-fork check, winning back the pawn, and it was asking too much to recalculate what to do with so little time.

BTW, 56…Kd5! instead of 56…Bxd4? wins on the spot, because it keeps his king out and basically wins the house. I was so short of time, though, and really didn’t feel that I was making best moves anyway.


One thought on “No Time for Endgames

  1. You played very well all the game against a higher rated opponent.
    it’s unfortunate that in the endgame due to the time shortage you missed a win
    and a draw.

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