Playing on Fire

I played this game on just over 3 hours of sleep and a non-stop, overtime day at work. Luckily, sufficient quantities of coffee can transform me from “Clark Kent” to “Superman”.

Round 1

I saw 13…d5 coming and figured that that was Black’s move. Also, I played 15.exd5 rather quickly and instantly regretted not having played 15.d4xe5 instead. Alex and John thought I was crazy, but Fruit agrees that it is twice as better. The weird thing is just like last night, I couldn’t pin down why it was better, just that I sensed it to be far superior positionally.

Once again, someone threw away my scoresheet, but coming home I still had the game moves memorized, so entered all of the moves in instantly.

I could have played d4 instead of d3, and that is what I was aiming for, but I was also happy to outwork a lower-rated player positionally, from a nearly equal position. I am actually practising slow positions to keep me from going bonzai, but as you can still see, by move 13, even for this slow-looking position, it had blown-up tactically.


4 thoughts on “Playing on Fire

  1. Frankly I am already afraid to play with a lower rated players being in a bad shape, so I am you were able to play OK and not to make blunders.
    It looks like the guy really decided to help you. 🙂

  2. I played on Thursday and after running around doing stuff and driving in total ~60km before getting to the club, I didn’t play well in the opening against 1600+ guy I beat twice before. He could get decisive advantage after just 11 moves with Black, but didn’t see it. The I had a horrible brain cramp, when after moving a knight to defend another one, on the next move I touched it and then realized that I have nowhere to go, of course, without losing that another knight.
    One thing that consoled me a bit when I came home was that his rating went up to ~1750. 🙂 I lost 3 games lately in that Moscow variation, Marozi bind (or similar) where I play f3 and Black’s using of the weakness of a7-g2 diagonal with following Qb6 and also strength of the bishop on a1-h8 make me scratch my head for the first time since I started playing it. I should this position until it imprints into my mind or stop playing it at all, though it brought me quite a few victories in the past.

  3. RollingPawns, thanks for all the glowing comments and keeping it real. 🙂

    I felt awful mentally before the Thursday night game, but it showed how, given sufficient quantities of coffee and clock-time, how I can really make a mountain out of a molehill sized opponent’s mistake – this is where my game is at it’s best. 😉

    Of course, I have nothing to fear of these lower-rated opponents (other than being in poor form) since they are not so lower-rated anymore! Most are within 100 points of my rating. Incidentally, my Buddy Alex went 3.5/5 in a big tournament locally (I hounded my bosses to get those days off but alas it was not approved by corporate) where he won $100 and went from 1605 back up to 1695, same rating as mine now! He even says that his rating is higher now since he won against Paul C. who is 1900, last Wednesday (but then he lost on Thursday to Rhett).

    I know what you mean about the missing words, but I didn’t notice them. In fact, I rdea smeowhre taht as lgon as yuo icnledu teh fsrst lttre taht plpeo wlli kwon wtah yuo aer tkalign atoub. The mind apparently fills in the missing words also. 😉

    Confession_Time: I actually brushed my king, ala touch-move, instead of playing f4 in my game against Paul !!!

    After I did that, I would lose my e-pawn, so then played f5 instead. He either didn’t notice that I had touched it for sure or elected to say nothing. I meant to play ..f5 in my mind and then 0-0, but had gotten ahead of myself and my hand had reached out before my brain realized what my hand was doing! So, I surely know where you are coming from with the touch-move, mentally groggy thing!

    Normally, I suppose I would have said that I touched it, but I figured that I would lose this game anyway (and thus have a clean conscience about it), but I really wanted to see where this game would have ended up, would he have beaten me?? This question made me not reveal that I had touched my king and continue to play on, just wanting to know if Paul could really be drawn by or lose to me. Mentally, psychically, I needed to know the answer to this question, which is also why I never felt bad about losing the game at the end as well, because my question had been answered and I was satisified with the answer!

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