Colorado City Championship – Round 1

My rating is lower these days, so I will be getting paired against the top players in Round 1 often, going forward.

Round 1

This game is a rematch with Paul, this time as White.

The post-mortem was far more interesting than the game. I played 24.Rd3, which I was going to play in the game, but changed my mind at the last second. I had 4 minutes on my clock but was exhausted from all of the calculation of many, many lines right before this position. Of course, it was easy to play skittles from a losing position with not nearly as much tension left after 24…Qc7. I ended up sacking a piece, he didn’t find a refutation, then it was rook and 2 pawns vs rook and 2 pawns. I don’t know who was winning, probably a draw, I tried to defend instead of attack and lost in an interesting endgame position.

This was an unrated tournament, winner gets name on the plaque (kind of like the Stanley Cup where they just keep adding names to it). I basically played to get more experience, and the $5 EF was worth the chess lesson (there are also lot of strong players in this tournament who don’t play in rated tournaments, so they have these ridiculously low OTB ratings).


3 thoughts on “Colorado City Championship – Round 1

  1. I didn’t come up with a comprehensive middle-game plan. I can see two different plans just glancing at it now which would have kept a small, safe advantage.

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