What can I say about this game other than I would not have flagged had it still been 30/90 G/30 like it was when I first became 1800.Round 2 I started blundering in time-pressure, in a rather intentional manner as I played desperately to the tune of the clock until around move 40 or so.

The real value of this game is going to lie in post-analysis, should I diligently study it. After the game, I figured that 20…Bg3+ is where I missed the win, but the computer thinks the only win was round move 24 with …Qc6. He castled into it in my time-pressure, and I didn’t have time to recalibrate, and so lost. 24…Qc6, I think it is, and Black is up +1.6 according to Fruit.


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