Colorado Springs City Championship – Round 2

Well, for Round 2 I figured that I got the weakest pairing and so decided to go for the Slav, which can be quick and/or brutal.

Michael has taken Lessons from Expert Paul A. in the recent past, and he seems to be a fixture at the CSCC, but is waiting to “get good”, if I remember correctly, before playing in a rated tournament (Don’t we all want to start out as Expert?! πŸ˜‰ ).

I looked like Alekhine on every move in the post-mortem as well, naturally. I showed him he could have played 9.Qc2, then I played 9…e5?, whereupon he took 10.dxe?? Qd2+!!, 11.QxQ cxQ, 12.Kd1 (I even got a ..Nb3 fork in there) etc, etc. The moral is that every attacking move looks like a brilliancy when there is a significant ratings mismatch.

After the game I was thinking “Wonderful, I only spent 15min 7sec on my clock!”, but then later I thought “OMG, I spent 15min. and 7sec on my clock!” Truthfully, yes I could have spent less time, but I just moved ..c3, didn’t want to think about it, anything but beating myself up later for not playing such a move, know what I mean?


2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs City Championship – Round 2

  1. I am not sure you would play c3 against high rated player. Here it looks like a trap to, into which he successfully got. πŸ™‚ After that his position is completely lost.

  2. Yeah, c3 is bad and I simply decided to play it. I should have added that Black can keep the extra pawn with …Ne4, Bf5 b3, Nc3 NxN and Black simply keeps the extra pawn

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