Nobody’s Fool

For the first time, I played a game against Peter Grigg, and I felt extremely confident to have White and see 1..e5 played.

Colorado Springs City Championship – Round 3

I overdid it for this game, though. I considered playing the Spanish Exchange, saving the Scotch for a rated game, but I wanted to make extra sure that I was going to be playing with two points next week, so I brought out the big gun.

I spent exactly 9 minutes on this game. In fact, I saw the winning combination about 15 seconds after he played …Qb6, and if I had wanted to could have played my move with only 6 minutes spent on the game. Since it was winning, I spent 2 1/2 minutes looking at variations having to do with Ng5 and Qh6 (as well as b4, which I already knew was nothing by the time he played ..Qb6, but decided to examine it fully anyway), just to see if there were anything even better.

So, for this game, I finally decided to take a B-multivitamin earlier today, and then half a gingko-biloba before the game, since I was already being a little bit absent-minded and normally go into my games “clean” and then of course lose or barely survive. So, I overdid it for this one.

After the game, I showed Peter all kinds of positional traps as well as the safest way to play this opening for Black. Of course, this meant that I needed to rush home and come up with some new “opening ammo” for next time that I trot out the Scoth, which I did.

The resignation may seem premature, but I saw that his only move was ..Qd6 (if he wants to keep the queen and not get mated) to protect against Qd8 back-rank checks. He also saw that he had back-rank issues and probably figured that QxQ cxQ, NxRf8 was no fun to play on in.


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