A Game Which Didn’t Disappoint

It went back and forth a bit in time-pressure, plenty of bad moves, but an interesting game nevertheless. Round 4

We both stepped into the “time-warp” machine for this game.
After move 7, White has 45 minutes remaining (yes, half his time), Black has 86 minutes.
Then I got sucked into this space-time-warp vortex as well and by move 11 had 43 minutes remaining, and by move 14 had 32 minutes remaining.

At one point, I had so much extra (bored) time to think that I had planned out the line 7.Nf5 NxN, 8.BxBc5 d6, 9.Ba3 Nh4 putting a bind on his g2 and f3 squares, Which Fruit actually liked! (Fruit saw it also after the first move). That’s amazing that I was dreaming and yet actually not “dreaming” at all.

10…Ng4?! was an air-headed move because I didn’t realize that I wasn’t threatening ..NxBe3 because after fxNe3 recapture, I will drop my f7 pawn. I did it because I felt like I needed to materialize my attacking advantage before he could consolidate his position with Na3-c2, which seemingly defends everything important. Still, after h3 and knight back to e5, there would be a weakness to attack in front of this king, possibly by ..g5-g4.

11…Qg6 was an attempt to exploit his time-pressure (I made a valiant attempt, while still keeping score). I correctly realized that ..QxQg3 followed by ..NxBe3 was best, but I was playing his clock now as well as the board, hence my next few moves.

After move 15, I felt that he might (hope-chess) fall into the exact trap which he did in the game QxQg6 followed by NxNc6, due to his time-pressure.

After I played 25..Nd3 rather quickly, already seeing the win, he had only 16 or so seconds remaining. After 31.Re1, he has 7 seconds remaining. What is so utterly remarkable is that he not only didn’t flag (1 second remaining to my 1:20 at the end), but he actually made me mate him with no more than a rook and kings remaining.

I can’t recreate the game past the point given because my king somehow had an extra temp on this position, got back to the queenside, liquidated all pawns there and even gave him the b-pawn for the trouble. I had 2 pawns, easy win, but was playing so quickly that I accidentally promoted the pawn a move early and he simply took it. Luckily, I had the Lucenna bridge to keep his king out so that I could promote my final pawn for his rook.

Crazy game, but lots of lessons in there. 😀


One thought on “A Game Which Didn’t Disappoint

  1. It was pretty much equal until Nd3, yeah, then his position quickly started to deteriorate. This is an example how time trouble affects the game.
    Getting Lucena is like winning a lottery, it happens rarely.

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