Sloppy Endgame Play Rides Again!

Thursdays October 2012 – Final Round

Once again, there was some nifty lines of analysis going on behind the scenes.

22…Re2? was an ego move – some other players were watching the game and I wanted to bang something out, yet I had not finished calculating when I moved here and was rudely surprised at how weak this move had been. Fruit confirms, likes at first and then sees same lines I saw and changes mind. Before I had played this move, I had already seen that the ho-hum 22…BxN, 23.BxB g6 and then possibly ..Re2 threat was very strong, and is. Wasting all of this time on choosing and calculating this one middlegame plan caused me to repeatedly botch the ending, where I could have saved a pawn instead of trading pawns.

After the game, I found the late ..Be1 plan instead of the 47..Kg3?? plan, which was played in time-trouble, even though I remembered what had happened to RollingPawns in that one loss even before playing this move.

I finished the game with 3 seconds remaining to Alek’s hour, and it cost me at many turns in a big way in the ending. However, all’s well that ends well, as they say. Still, I need to spend more time going over my games.


3 thoughts on “Sloppy Endgame Play Rides Again!

  1. Thanks! That wasn’t intentional. I played or watched blitz tonight for 2 1/2 hours after my game. I play so much chess that you’ll understand that my brain is completely fried by the end of the week(!) 😉

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