Colorado Springs City Championship – Final Round

First, I want to say that I added the link to last weeks’ game.

I’ll be glad when this week is over. too much chess! I played blitz for a few hours after because they said “Where do you have to go?” Actually, nowhere, it’s just that I play 3 days a week this week, study, blog this, and I have to go into work an hour early every day this week, so that by Thursday first round, after hanging out with my friend who sleeps all day before rounds and has lots to talk about all up until the time of play, I’ll be sure to have LOTS of mental energy remaining for my Thursday game. hehe.

Let’s see, for the final round I played Alejandro (goes by “Alex” – we have 3 people here now who go by the name of Alex), who stopped playing rated chess a year and half ago because he _wants_ his rating to go down. He was getting winning positions against Paul in blitz and he wasn’t even castling. Meanwhile, Paul was stomping on my every mistake in blitz. Alejandro was doing quite well against me in blitz, got the better of me.

Colorado Springs City Championship – Final Round

Ironically, I had a winning position in this game, but as I told him afterwards his mistake was to blitz me in my time-pressure! I had around 6 seconds at the end, so that the scoresheet is not accurate. This was an unrated tournament. I tied for 2nd with Dan, last year’s winner (he was very nice and congratulated me). I won $20. Buck took sole first place with 3.5/4.


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