On The Cusp

After this game, I thought the only takeaway was playing hideous in time-pressure, thinking about all of the mistakes that I made at the end. Now I realize that just getting to play stronger players is the reward.

Round 2

I did make lots of mistakes on the clock. I could have played Bd3 (pawn-doubling) about 10 minutes before I did. At one point I hit the clocks so that they stopped for 5 minutes on his time, while I was away from the board (noticed it when I came back).

And yet for all my crazy moves at the end, half knowing I was doomed on the clock in any case (I could have finished with quite solid moves at 30/90 or 40/90, but knowing the game is about to end induces crazy moves even more), I flagged and he finished with under 2 minutes on his clock.

In the final position, material is equal, but Black is easily winning. My last move may have been Rxh7, I am not sure because I spent all of my time looking at ..Rc7, but may have thought that Rxh7 was a quicker move to play and switched to that at the last instant. He didn’t notice I had run out of time for a few seconds, but he never played another move after it happened.

Here is a picture of me playing Alejandro (goes by Alex) in the last round of the City Championship (Dean Brown is seated in the background).


6 thoughts on “On The Cusp

  1. Computer confirmed a couple of my thoughts – that it was equal until axb4 (you should have played axb4, it would prevent his c5) and that g4 was too risky.
    Computer says playing 39. Kg2 was giving you a draw.
    It also says that he doesn’t have an easy win, giving him only 0.66 advantage.
    The plan for you is to sacrifice exchange and win both his pawns, getting into endgame with your “h” and “g” pawns vs. his ‘h” which is not winnable at all I think.
    So, it looks like with a better time management you had a real chance to draw this game.

  2. RollingPawns, I think you are totally right! 🙂

    I came to that conclusion as well. I think I may have played Rxh7 which loses (last moment change of mind), and he was going to play Kg8, winning. After the game, we blitzed it out and he saw my exchange sac which we are talking about instantly, blitzed through those moves. ..Rc7 is a draw, I played it out with Fruit. So, I need to save my time with him for endgames!

    Also, Black has a lot of loose pawns on light squares which my queen can hit from f3 and then d3, then play g4. Plus, my bishop needed to go from c3 to b4 instead of b2 once the pawns double, then I think White has a win in terms of practical chances in mutual time-pressure. 😉

  3. It’s too bad that those are some of the only photos of me, looking like Jan Ehlvest from that hunched position. I feel as if I am one of the most unphotographed people.

    I should get some pics of my opponents, but I am so bored of playing them now in that way that I care less what they look like now. hehe.

    How’d you do last night?

  4. That’s a strange decision for a club, but I guess you are used to it. Personally, I would go once just because I’ve never played bughouse and want to know what it’s like just to play it one time.

    I should adjust my patterns, go over my games more, but it’s so hard to do that, change patterns.

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