Disappointing Week

I saw things during this game, but lacked the confidence at critical times to play those moves, mainly due to the psychological factor behind the ratings differential. So that’s all I am going to say about this game because Paul found this blog, and I don’t want him reading about my game with him that we just played.

What particularly stung is a comment he made post-mortem to me of “That’s why you are a 1600 player”, which he didn’t mean in a negative way, but this is what has become of my once 1876 rating because all I play now are G/90 tournaments because my company has not approved time off for a weekend tournament since I’ve been there in over a year.

Round 2

By Thursday I was burned out, two hours of sleep and my brain just didn’t want to function during my game with Alex. He created a nice attack, in any event, but I had made a losing blunder if he had seen it even earlier in the game.

I was so disgusted by my game with Alex that I didn’t even save the game, only the analysis line from Fruit for how I should have played. Here is how it should have gone according to Fruit:

Round 3 Thursday

On move 20, I played 20…c5, partly because my brain and energy level just couldn’t cope with the new tactical situation on the board – it was my way of saying “I’m beginning to get a headache looking at all of his possible attacks, I have 15 minutes on my clock to his hour, and I just want his attack to ‘go away’ already.” I was proud of Alex, but not of myself. Black is still in the opening through move 22, and I needed to continue to confidently develop my pieces, which I had been doing until I saw his attack and threw in the towel.

After 20…c5??, see if you can find the mate. BTW, in that analysis continuation given Black’s final move would be 25…Qg5, which is dead-even if White plays into that line.


4 thoughts on “Disappointing Week

  1. Round 2 – You didn’t play that bad, especially until move 20, when he ruined your pawn structure, it just became difficult.
    You simply were not careful in the end
    I don’t like his comment, whatever he meant it doesn’t sound good.

  2. Round 3 – after 2 hours of sleep you better take a bye.
    You play looks like an exact result of that – passive and not careful.
    Been there, done that.
    I think White can play 19. Ng4 with faster result.

    I played last Thursday, drew with 1800 rated guy, but it’s not CFC rating, but foreign one, so his rating will depend how he will play.
    I played pretty well Four Knights defense with Black, got two bishops, but couldn’t use it, then in the end I had 10 minutes less and he went for 3-fold repetition, I supported that of course.
    Fritz gave me ~0.5, all shootouts were draws.
    Yesterday I played with 1500 rated guy, was better after the opening, but then he intercepted the initiative. I made a wrong move and got essentially worse, he didn’t use it and went into the endgame that was basically drawn – two bishops vs knight and bishop with his 3 pawns on the kingside vs. my 2.
    Then he also exchanged his bishop for my knight, so we got opposite colored bishops πŸ™‚ . I tried not to laugh at his maneuvers after that.

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