Strange Positional Game

My Final Round game of Thursdays was a real oddity. There is so much room from improvement over this game, that one could spend hours doing some post-mortem analysis, stokyo-like, looking at actual possible lines.

If I analyzed this game thoroughly, I could come up with major improvements for my play. This is the sort of game that at G/90, with two relatively weak positional player at this time-control, most of the possibilities are humming right over our heads, OTB. Relatively, I was the stronger player positionally, but the key word here is “relatively”.

I lost points on Thursday, but gained points on Wednesday, so somehow I have clawed my way back from the 1600’s to 1750, and it would have been more had the CSCC City Championship been rated. So, overall I am back to that original country-road crossroad; kind of like in that scene at the end of the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks.


2 thoughts on “Strange Positional Game

  1. RollingPawns, I responded to your reply in my last post.

    Being able to play quickly at certain times (we can’t always) is such an essential element of G/90. Alex had Imre down to 13 seconds on his clock, Imre was up a pawn, and it was the classic Lucenna position. Imre was not building the bridge at all, seemed a bit lost, but Alex did not know this position either. I told Alex that he probably could have won on time (had he known this position cold), because Imre is known for flagging in winning or equal positions.

    Imre just said after the game that “it doesnt’ matter” because he’s winning. But actually it does matter, especially at this time-control.

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