One thing I and RollingPawns share is that we have both played far more chess games online than we have OTB. Most of my best games have been online games. Online chess is less “correct”, less defensive, but one’s real chess-self comes out more easily.

This LinuxguyonFICS game took me back to when I first reached 1872 on FICS, four years ago. My best rating on FICS, 1876, was nearly two years ago. Before FICS, there was the 1,000 or so games on YahooChess, and likewise the same thing before that on KasparovChess.com; I was even on ICS at one point. The funny thing is that you remember relationships along the way, your real life, more than chess, even for a guy who isn’t married, and doesn’t have kids.

Two years ago I had my last cat, a girlfriend, was trying to work for myself, and had just done the Michael De La Maza go crazy on tactics thing. I was much newer to Colorado, still. I see my mom a lot more now than I had before, but haven’t seen my dear old dad or sister in the past three years.

What will the future bring? Who knows, but probably something quite different on the non-chess side, still.


I played a Standard game tonight on FICS, dropped a piece in an easily winning postion against a 1734 rated player – I was tight, looking for a cheap win.

But after the next few games, my rating on FICS had reached an all-time high of 1894.

White: LinuxGuy (1871)
Black: yasargil (2041)
Result: 1-0
The Game
The finish might be Qb3+ followed by Rc6+.

I lost the points all the way back to 1872. I had a mate in 2 that would have taken me to 1900, but it was 15/0 and I made a faulty pre-move with my queen with 3 seconds left that dropped her. In another game my opponent hung his bishop, but I moved so fast that after I had made my planned move in time-pressure I was like “wait, din’t he just hang his bishop before I moved?”

I got to play 3 Experts in one night on FICS. The way best for me to play on FICS is to have at least a 5 second increment, and then play 1800+. This way, it’s good instructive chess, and still challenging – you really get a true sense of where your chess is at this way. Blitz is great for losing a lot of games trying out new openings.

At last…..I reach 1900 on FICS with this win:

LinuxGuy (1884) vs Cakeovic (2003)


2 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. Thanks!

    Wow, are in the same spot in some ways.

    I need to change job for more money and relevance. Software is the place to be, after seeing so much that doesn’t get done in business software (which is a form of incompetance – customer driven software which doesn’t do obvious things that a customer would expect it to, and there being no great reason for it other than the explanation that it is easier not do something than it is to do it).

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