Paradise Lost and Restored

On Wednesday both my nerves and nervous energy weren’t present. Perhaps a combination of refraining from coffee on my days off, then my fence blowing down, and then sliding into the median (no damage done) on a snowy street with my car, and Alex in it. My nerves were shot before the game, and then I simply ran out of energy during the game, could not calculate any longer. I saw that I could win a pawn, but could not calculate it clearly and so did not play it. I could not calculate the defense either, thought that …Qc7 was dropping an exchange but it isn’t. This short game is very tactical under the covers.

Paradise Lost

On Thursday, I was determined to play a solid game. For once, my play is more reminscent of a well-played game on FICS except better. Patient, and positionally sort of brilliant for a change.

Paradise Restored

After 18.Be2! Black has no defense to the f4-f5 threat. For example, …Ng6 simply drops the d6 pawn, and then the Nc5 is loose too. Even 18…Bc8 fails to 19.f4, 20.e5 I saw this trap when I played it. IOW, it came as no surprise to me when, facing such difficulties, Alemayehu dropped a piece.

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The above link can replace ChessFlash, as that site no longer allows new posting/editing of games as one’s own blog as it had in the past.


4 thoughts on “Paradise Lost and Restored

  1. In the first game I didn’t quite understand you exchange sacrifice as well as how you lost in the end, did you resign?
    In the second game, yeah, Be2 looks strong. As a whole it looks like an easy win.
    Sorry, I disappeared, I moved this week, details later.
    My rating dropped in total 20 points in 2 tournaments, more than that in one and some plus in another. I hope in the new year I’ll play better.

  2. I had little time and energy left, and he had 20 minutes remaining. I thought that after …Qc7, Ne4 mate threat was going to win an exchange, but this was not the case. I should have played …Qc7 quickly and allowed him to have chances to go wrong, just for ratings purposes. Chess no longer mattered at this point, only the result, but of course I wasn’t thinking this way at the time.

    RxNc3 was literally just a move because it’s either make a move or lose on time. He had used <20 minutes by this point. Finally, I took off my jacket because I was overheating and couldn't think anymore. It was a winning position, mate in 1 just a few moves later. It was important to realize that what mattered was to pose him the most challenging problems even if I had thought the position lost.

    As it was, the most important thing doesn't even seem to be the position on the board, but rather that there was no "breather" in the position, and the queens could have remained on in any case, and it would have been too difficult for me to defend given the time.

    After the game, he tried to show me some generic attack against my king, and then I mated his king, and he didn't see it coming though it was many moves of defense on his part. You can't really defend a complicated position in time-trouble, even if it is even. Nothing is ever "even" at the board, it's just a mass of calculations, and once you can't calculate you are doomed unless blitzing intuitive chance looking moves (which is how most play against me to begin with).

    The situation with G/90 is that one cannot use up their energy and then be wrong. You can make a bunch of moves without thinking, even bad ones, and still win, but the unforgiveable sin at G/90 is to use up energy and then not find a decisive continuation. At that point it literally becomes a case of “Mens sana in corpore sano” (A sound mind in a sound body) because there is no second time-control, there is no rest, the fatigue effect only compounds, particularly without any coffee to kick in in the time-scramble. During the game, I felt like I wanted to adjourn it and come back later, but it’s like the other guy’s foot is on your neck and there is no let up, and it becomes all about their brilliant win from that point.

    Online games are over much more quickly, and thus don’t have a chance to test the deep-fatigue factor.

    Ironically, I feel at 30/90 G/30, I could have blitzed this game to move 30 and still drawn or won, but not knowing that there is that salvation, it puts even more pressure on the position, to not get it wrong. This still isn’t correct thinking, but that’s the psychological pressure on the board that emanates from being in this position.

  3. I am back. I had a stressful event every week starting from Monday, December 10.
    I moved to a new place, looks better than a previous one, almost the same time getting to work.
    I didn’t forget you, I wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.
    I am on vacation now, hopefully will get more time for myself including chess.
    I left a comment on your ‘Legacy’ post.

  4. RollingPawn, thanks for not forgetting about me. šŸ™‚

    I know a little about what you mean with stress. My only stress right now is that my home refi went through, but one check to close out a credit-card for seven grand never got received by that issuer. I am going to have to follow up until they get it.

    My house is cozy and close enough to work even though in another town (everything is close in the Colorado Springs environs). I really like it compared to living in Los Angeles with all of the surrounding traffic. šŸ˜‰

    Happy Holidays and New Year to you as well. Have fun on vacation! My chess was better tonight because the holidays kept me away from chess (being over-chessed). šŸ˜€

    Our ratings are almost identical. I think that 2013 will be the breakout year for our ratings! šŸ™‚

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