Last Round of Wednesdays 2012

Well, unlike Alex’s game, where he offered a draw and finished in a 3-way tie for first, my Round 4 game had no remunerative consequences, it was just a game.

Neither side found any spectacular continuation, but there is one noteworthy footnote to this game, I had five minutes exactly left on my clock at the end of this game (as compared to my [fill-in-the-blank] opponent’s one hour remaining).

I thought I was a fool for taking the pawn, as I had calculated his line played and then changed my mind once I noticed he had …Be7 instead of …Bb4. I also predicted that Fruit would have probably ended up playing Kf1 in reply to ..Bh4+. Truly a position that only a computer could love for White. Computers eat pawn-grabbing up, but I can’t imagine Petrosian ever taking such a pawn. Tigran would rather offer you a winning double rook-sac than to greedily take such a pawn out of the opening (Victor Kortchnoi would probably take it with glee, however).

Interesting game, but this time I decided to leave the OTB post-game analysis in-game routine at home. Can always analyze a G/90 game, post-mortem style, at home.

I feel bad for Fred because after the game I forgot to show him my one tactic which I was prepared to blitz out, if he had played 31…hxg5 (which is where he thought he went wrong). I had found and would have played the picturesque 32.Bc1 Nxf4?? (the g5 pawn is going, anyhow), 33.Bf4 Kd6, 34.Rd1+ wins the knight. I missed some other decisive tactics, and some nice defenses that Fruit found however – such as 8.Qd4 instead of 8.Qe2.

Another strange aside is that I didn’t remember the move-order of the game afterward as well as I normally do in the games where I get into time-pressure during a game. Previously, I was doing more of a “post-mortem” during the game, figuratively speaking, and this time I went for finding the “workable move” strategy as is given under the title of my blog.

I’ve read all of the comments to my blog and just now responded to them. Thanks for all of the support, guys, and for making this an interesting place to talk and blog!


2 thoughts on “Last Round of Wednesdays 2012

  1. RollingPawns, yes, thanks for the point, it’s greatly appreciated!

    Now that you give me confidence in it, I can see that 10.Be3 is winning because after 10…Bh4+, 11.Bf2. White is threating to trade bishops and after 11..BxB, 12.QxB Nf4, (if now 13.Ne2 Ne6, 14.Bh3 Qa5+ winning back the e5 pawn), but after 13.Qg3! Black cannot play …g5 because of h4, so 13…Ne6, 14.Bd3 and White is +-.

    It’s a lot to find at the board. I would need to keep my emotions under control and really analyze clearly, like you do.

    Let me clarify. People routinely play G/30 at G/90 in order to cut out the higher-rated players ability to peer into the position more (perhaps they do this subconsciously or they simply accept that they cannot know the full consequences of what they are doing).

    I feel as if the players play more solid chess in Toronto, Canada than they do in Colorado Springs, CO.

    Update: I just found 13…Nh5. So, White should instead give up pawn to castle 0-0-0, then Ne2 and f4 with initiative.

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