Goodbye, 2012, I will miss you!

2012 will end on a positive note for me. 🙂

My last round of Thursdays for 2012: Round 4

This game will strike a familiar refrain, where I bail out of my own attack with 18…Qe7 instead of 18…Qf5! (which I had looked at the whole time but rejected at last thought). I didn’t realize that …Qh7 with ..g5 could be so -+.

I get so emotional during my games, by thinking that both sides are winning the same position simultaneously. haha.

I finished with four minutes on my clock. This is a positive thing, because for one I have all of my moves written down, and for two it means that I should be able to handle a time-control such as 40/90, G/30 with no blaming of the clock.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, 2012, I will miss you!

  1. I think his 21. g4 (and of course your 21… f5) decided the game.
    I really wouldn’t want to be White after that.
    I am glad you finished with the win, I know this feeling.
    I although felt good drawing with that old guy in the last game of this year.
    I wish you again a Happy New Year and hope that we both play well in it.

  2. I didn’t know this at the time, I thought he was better. Probably because you know I like to play the unsound g4 far too frequently myself (Fischer liked playing g4 moves), and you are more conversant with playing sound defense than I am. I’d say I am more the rule, people like to attack, where you are more the exception, can defend well. 😉

  3. Happy New Year, RollingPawns! We made it through another year. 🙂

    I am just getting over a flu or something, but am doing ok now, and probably won’t play this week I’m thinking. I know what you are saying about that draw, feeling the achievment.

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