Resigned in a Drawn Position

Round 2

I resigned after 48.Nd6+, but it’s an unavoidable draw. Down a piece, yet drawn.


4 thoughts on “Resigned in a Drawn Position

  1. Yeah, you managed to get an equal ending despite of the pawn loss before, I am not about that pawn sacrifice in the opening.
    It looks like time trouble affected your play first and your decision making next.

  2. RollingPawns, I did regret the pawn sac right away, after he kept his initiative because I hadn’t castled. I would not have chosen to sac that pawn next time, and I wouldn’t play Bc4 before recapturing on d4 either. I resigned out of emotion, seeing the fork coming and then he played it, I was upset with myself. I had thought about playing my king up, but it’s one of those things where you think you’ve made too many mistakes and it’s difficult not to feel too embarassed to play on.

    I probably would have won had I played Kb6 instead of Ka4.

    I had something very bad happen to me at work that day which I didn’t deserve and felt was unfair, and I was hoping that wouldn’t spill over to the end of my chess game, where one really has to believe in themselves, but it did.

    I didn’t see Alex all last week either, usually give him a ride to both tournaments. It’s harder to be as pumped up when you feel there are fewer people in your corner, but that’s how we all started out. It makes you realize that it would be better to get a better job and lose all of your rating points. Most people care more about their career, or don’t have to worry about one at all, like kids and retirees.

  3. I learned the hard way, that if something bad happened, it’s better not to play at all.
    It will definitely affect your play.
    I left a comment to the previous post.

  4. Yes, it seems to always affect my result as well anytime something big is going down in my life. This makes sense in a way because we are chess players and probably thrive on predictability as a rule, and then spend our energies handling the exceptions.

    Thanks for all of the comments! 🙂

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