Missing the Big Picture

…in time-pressure, of course.

Round 3 started out as an interesting game, and I was playing quite well, although balked on grabbing the initiative with moves like …f5 and …Nb4, which I did spend a lot of time considering, just didn’t have the experience to know to play them, that they were okay/better than my passivity.

Starting with move 28…Qc8, I have lost the thread of the position, and am thinking about the “small picture” like how I am pinning this pawn against his queen. You can tell I am in time-pressure because it went from a game where I had my opponent well in hand, to one where it suddenly turned into a blunder-parade, one move after the other.

On move 29 I was going to play 29…g5, which is a strong draw, but last second the hand played …Bd6, which I felt like it is losing but I played it because I didn’t see how. Well, I didn’t see how because in time-pressure I didn’t have the time to size up the big picture with everything that was going on with the board.

I feel that at 30/90, G/30, I would have played the winning 29…b4! which is great for many reasons, gets the pawns marching down, keeps White’s rook out of a7 or a8.

I really only deserved a draw for playing the game so safe, but I was doomed to lose as it was because in time-pressure, I could not size up the big picture elements. For example, instead of Qc8, …Qa5 put s a pin on the rook, and Be7 is a great blockader of the pawn, why would I want to move it? Also, I would have given king-luft some consideration. Of course, getting into time-pressure with the queens on the board is nearly always fatal, I find.

So to recap, the two problems I suffered with in this game were timidity, and not saving enough time to always keep the big-picture in front of my considerations, or just in sight.


2 thoughts on “Missing the Big Picture

  1. Yeah, it slipped away out of your hands.
    You didn’t play Qa5, because it looks risky, though there is no real danger from exf7.
    Especially I like b4, these pawns would give a good play.

  2. Yeah exactly, and I missed …Qa5 because I am bad with my queen in this sort of attack/defend open position where moves need to be played rapidly. ..Qa5 would contain the rook from the wing, his rook would need to come back to the center, conceding some major pawn on the queenside. My Queen could do some damage, even if my rook and bishop were hunched up together on …e8 and ..e7.

    I thought that exf7 wasn’t much of a threat/reality as well, but couldn’t find the way to make use of this. One other nice thing about spending more time is it gives your mind a few moments to cogitate, and to realize that the ..exf7 threat never materialized, so that you can go ahead and wipe out those previous lines in the past from your brain as if they had been written on etch-a-sketch; i.e., take some time to “see the road you are now driving on.”

    …b4 would have been nice. The major thing for me is to “complete” games that I play. This is just as much an uncompleted game as it is a loss, which is a good lead-in for my next post. 😉

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