Is it a win or a loss?

I’m thinking it’s neither. 😉

Recreating this Round 3 game, that last poor pawn push at the end, he didn’t do and in fact I was the one that pushed my a-pawn down and then thought “What the heck did I just do that for (spontaneously), I just threw the game!” The fact that I cannot re-create not losing this suggests that he threw a move away needlessly somewhere as well.

After checking the ratings, I’ve just found out that Daniel lost 62 rating points in a tournament this past weekend. The ratings estimator says I lose 12 points for drawing.

Hmm, I’m really not looking at the rating points at this point, instead I am looking at whether or not I completed this game, which I did. Budgeting time is obviously the big issue for me, and if I am under 1800 and then go win some big money tournament somewhere at standard time-controls, then all the merrier. 😉

This endgame had winning chances but was objectively a draw if played well by both sides. I am going to play the board and not my opponent’s rating. The strongest players like Carlsen don’t seem to get upset over draws, but rather by losses. Also, I would like to increase my drawing percentage with the Black pieces.

I really didn’t do a great job of “completing” this game either, truth be told. I had 1 second left on my clock (5 second delay), when Daniel queens and seemingly takes 4 seconds to press down the plunger (which I surely thought was going to cost me the game), and then hovers his hand over the clock (with a piece in his hand) so that I have to put my hand under his just to press my own clock. When I queened I said “Draw!” and he shook my hand. His mother comes over later and “reads me the riot-act” for about 3 minutes that it was not yet a draw. I said to her that any king move he makes out of check, I will then take/trade his queen (and he was agreeing with me that the game was only going to last one more move). You’d think these no-brainer situations would be simple to explain! (BTW, I did still have the 1 second on my clock after the game). Oh, and his mom is also a chessplayer and plays in these tournaments – I have played her a few times and posted those games.

I should throw in that when I played James the day before that he accidentally pressed my clock during his turn (heat sensitive clock and I watched him rest his finger on it for a split second – I had left the table and was watching this from afar). I didn’t give him a hard-time about it, and he apologized, but looking back, I probably could have requested that two minutes be added to my clock if bitching about these things is going to be the rule. It’s amazing how particular things these things can be when people want to argue over results after the game.


2 thoughts on “Is it a win or a loss?

  1. This game looks drawish from the beginning.
    I usually try to avoid such development with the lower rated players, it’s not always that you can overplay them in the equal endgame.
    His mom wasn’t giving him the right idea – that you should try to win by time (1sec) in a completely drawn position.
    I played on Monday with 1700+ rated guy, had a good position and missed a win several times, one time didn’t see a queen fork. Then he escaped and hurried to make a draw with perpetual, though he was a pawn up, computer evaluated it as ~0.6. ,
    Anyway, as you rightly noticed, draw is not a loss.

  2. RollingPawns, good points! Now that I got some draws, it makes it feel like it is hard to avoid the draw, but this is perception.

    I will post my game from Yesterday tonight. I needed to get my rest, was tired after the game, but not because of the game.

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