Finally Opening “Pandora’s Box”

Which for me, means playing a closed-game as White (whacky e5 advances in the French, aside).

Round 5

Stepping out from “baby openings”, which are ones that everyone either knows or just likes to play with predictable set-ups, I didn’t want to get tactical in a variation which Black often knows better (and Anthea can run great on auto-pilot, in openings which she is familiar with). So I was trying to take away “feel”, where such a quality doesn’t require so much analysis.

In a small tournament such as this one, getting a draw against Black even against a lower-rated player isn’t such a bad idea, because it takes them down a notch too. So, this result was good enough for clear second (Imre and James tied for first).

Anthea was non-plussed that she will probably never play against this variation again, but I can think of four other opponents I play against who really like this opening as Black. We went over in detail improvements that Anthea could have made during the game, in our post-mortem, but even Fruit gets frequently turned-around when trying to analyze this variation. There is a lot of subtle, positional chess going on in this opening. Positionally, it is dangerous for either side to play.


6 thoughts on “Finally Opening “Pandora’s Box”

  1. drat – I wanted to see this game. I have been “lurking” and extremely quiet but still reading your blog. Glad to see you are still playing.

  2. Paul A., I don’t know of a plugin that would directly display the game on my page, not that I have looked hard mind you. If someone knows of one, that would be okay.

  3. In the beginning I thought that it was you who played risky, but then it was her.
    I think Qd3 is the move really exploiting it.

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