Time Scramble

Round 5

I played Peter for the second time. I am the one responsible for originally losing to him and giving him a big provisional rating, but I was already saying “not this time” to myself.

So, I really didn’t know how strong Peter was, and I missed a boatload of tactics. I made some fake moves at the end because neither of us was keeping score, just to show the fake tactic that won me the game. I was moving so fast that I said to myself “I hope my Bg6 is covering the checking square” before I played Rxb4 and didn’t even bother to look until right after I moved, was moving that fast, and luckily he fell into it.

I was offering draws, but then totally bamboozled the guy for the win because I knew there just wasn’t time for any more honest chess. Apparently, with his minute vs. my half minute, he didn’t realize the algorithm going through my head for that moment, but I have been a victim of it myself. It’s called “attack when you are losing and then just hope they don’t see it in time-pressure.” I’ve lost many a rating point that way before finally gaining some in said manner. I like how Alex F. likes to put it “We play fake chess at these fake (G/90) tournaments” lol…or he says something similar to that – a very savvy individual (he doen’t really play fake chess,BTW).

What I really noticed is that I didn’t calculate any deep tactics in this game, I basically just “steered” the game. So, I am playing about as close as you can get to “fake chess” without the game actually being fake. Sorta sad, but I still learn a lot from playing. 😉 I keep thinking that one day all of this will really help me in a slow tournament with big prizes at stake.


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