I played this Game on FICS today.

As you can see, I have nothing to lose in this game being at my 1900 floor. Okay, so that is a dry joke. I accidentally played this game, meaning to play a blitz game instead, and my first thought actually was “Wait, this guy could draw me.”

I made some poor technical moves in this game, but this is how technique improves, by playing long games.

No computer analysis, BTW.

17…b6 is clumsy. Instead 17…Nf5 holds the steady win.

After the game, I could see that my silly 30…b5 ..c4 pawn advance could have been taken down by a4.

Instead, 30…Rd7, threatening to double on the d-file, was the correct idea. So that after 31.RxR BxR, the bishop will be able to post up at e6, where he belongs.

I noticed 29…Rxd3 combo as I was making my move, but that would have given me a tougher endgame than the one I got, so it was one more chance for my opponent to go wrong.

He could have tested me with 53.Bb8, but then …f6! followed by ..Bd1 and ..Ka3 or ..Kb3 is easily winning.

Your technique will generally improve more by playing, followed by post-game analysis (without a computer).


2 thoughts on “Technique

  1. Sorry, I disappeared again, too many events were happening, don’t even want to list them.
    It looks like you are overplaying him during the game.
    His principal mistake was exchanging the rooks, exchanging bishops would be much better idea.
    I played on Monday with the guy from the former Yugoslaviya.
    He is unrated, but won all 4 games before ours. Later I learned that he had the rating under 2000 back there. It was an interesting game, I had White and we got closed Sicilian.
    We both missed wins when our kings were on the open, then eventually we got into a R+P vs. R ending, him having a rook pawn. I got it all drawn and then having 6 minutes vs. his 3 I made a mistake trying to win a pawn. I made a king’s move towards that, he reacted by moving his king and I saw that if I take the pawn I would lose a rook after a check (my king was defending it). The bad move was already made and I couldn’t stop his pawn. I was very upset.
    We played 4.5 hours, 85 moves, until 12:45am.

  2. Wow. wow, wow is all that I can say. It’s really weird being low on time in a position which you know you could draw, but aren’t sure whether one should play for a win or not from. Those often lead to losses, but at least you can say that you tried and did have a draw at one point. šŸ˜‰

    That’s a long game, man. It’s weird how those long games (my missed draw against Imre, he actually wrongly set it for 30 sec increment) can lead to some emotional decision at the end. It can be hard to contain one’s emotions over the course of an entire 4.5 hour game. At regular G/90 it’s so quick that emotions don’t always factor into it so much.

    At our club, some who want to draw an equal endgame often can’t do it, but with you and me the bigger problem is evaluating the position, and determining whether playing for a win is warranted or not.

    I’m glad that you came back. šŸ™‚ It appears that you are living an interesting life compared to mine. šŸ˜€

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