There’s nothing like the Sicilian Defense to give off that occasional realization that White is playing for checkmate.

The accelerated pairings are over, were voted down at the yearly meeting, so that the pairings for Round 1 were back to old-school.

Wednesday’s Round 1

The ending could have been more picturesque if Rebecca had played 24… Ke8, then either 25.Qg7 Ne7, 26.Nf6 mates or 25.Qxh7 Ne7, 26.Nf6+ Kf8, 27.Qh6 mates. The computer prefers 25.Qxh7 because it is a pawn, and 25…QxNd5 is actually forced.

I had 25 minutes remaining at the end of the game.


3 thoughts on “Schachmatt

  1. Black is already lost after 15. Nd5 I think.
    18. Bg4 of course is a huge blunder finishing the game.
    We have sections in the both clubs and it prevents this kind of mismatch.

  2. The funny thing is I got the same kind of pairing yesterday, because we started a club championship with 2 sections and my current 1713 rating is not enough for the higher one.
    The guy rated 1303 played Evans gambit (interesting that I had a gut feeling after playing Bc5 that I’ll get it). He played it by the book (which I forgot), with Qb3 and Ba3, so I had to be very careful.
    I defended OK, but then blundered a piece on a move 12, so I had to mobilize all my efforts.
    I got a piece back after his tactical mistake, then another one on tactics too and then he went down, also not having much time. I still managed to mate him, as he didn’t want to resign or lose on time. 🙂

  3. Rollingpawns, you should post your win. 🙂

    I played Thursday, lost to a Master as White. I had a +.2 edge if I had played for an endgame with Ba4 (I said this after the game and computer agrees), but he had a large time advantage and so I decided to go nuts tactically, but missed a key ..Nb3 fork, probably because in my mind the bishop was still covering it even though I had just sacked it.

    I might play tonight, there is a G/30 tournament.

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