Spellbinding Snap-mate

Wednesdays Round 2

I played Justice for the first time. This was sort of a big-event for me because I knew this meant that I would be faced against the dreaded “cheesecake” opening – dreaded because it dares Black to go for more than just a draw.

Justice had crushed Anthea, who is usually around 1800 at slow tournaments, in round 1. I didn’t realize it until I went over the game with Fritz that this is one of the best games that I have ever played.

During the game, I thought that pushing …d4 instead of ..cxd would have been more forcing, but they were both -+, strongly in favor of Black. During a game, I often have this warped sense that the other player’s position is better when it isn’t. I was planning on playing ..Qf6, but decided to throw in the ..Ng4 move first just to see.

This turns out to be a more important game than might appear because what we often face as Black are lower-rated players who want to play a technical system which ensures a draw or possibly more.


3 thoughts on “Spellbinding Snap-mate

  1. That was a thematic mate – it’s not not often you get to make it.
    Funny that you make a play with just a two pieces.

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