I played a mix of games during my “weekend” this Tuesday and Wednesday. First up is my best game of the bunch, Wednesday’s G/90 game.

I thought that I had played one of the longest, best combinations that I can ever remember having played in a tournament, but I was already in time-trouble. I hadn’t thought I would need much time against my particular opponent, and boy was I very wrong about that.

Wednesday Round 2

During the game, Wolf was defending with an attitude, and I felt that because of that and most likely because this is marginal/precision opening, that I would need to “go deep” against him to pick up the point.

I blew the tail-end of this combination, but I was still taking pride in the position I had created and did not want to accept his draw-offers, even after I had lost control over the game (at this time-limit). Actually, I won, but I can’t recreate it because it went on seemingly forever. Let’s put it this way, when I had pawns on a5 and c7, king on a6, he played Qa8+ and then had run out of checks. I checkmated him with two queens and five seconds left on my clock.

It was even crazier than that because he hadn’t set the delay, I complained and he generously added five minutes (otherwise it would have been a draw), and so with no delay I won with only five seconds left.

So here is what I meant to play 23.Bxe7 instead of taking on b6 (with d6 and possibly even d7 to follow), but then I found what I thought was a flaw, 23…Bd4+. This line is winning for White however because 24.Kf1! holds the queen on e2 (never considered this). Just as spectacular however is 24.Kh1 Bc5, 25.RxBc5!! bxRc5, 26.d6! is pretty much game.

After this I missed taking the e7 pawn apparently, and even that I could have taken his rook and escaped a perpetual.

This game made me thing of this Rush song, when it comes to how sophisticated a win can be when playing the c3 Sicilian as White.

Colorado Springs Chess Club (Quads) – Round 1

This was a G/30 event, which explains why I didn’t take time to examine the winning capture 27.RxNh5 is game. I did want to examine this capture, oh most definitely I did, but the clock was screaming in my other ear.

Believe it or not the finish was exciting as well, but I lost on time. I had won his knight, but had a lost position. In fact, he could sac the exchange, and be down a rook, but his two connected passers would equal a rook and queen upon promotion.

I’ll post rounds 2 and 3 later.

Thursday Round 2

The big advantage came when Annie castled early and I didn’t.

12…h6 was intentionally a “second-rate” move, as I had seen 13.Bd2, but then White needs to move Ra1, and after …BxNc3, BxBc3 all of White’s king-side defenders are just about gone, so the game should be a miniature.

I was glad when she took my a7 pawn. Another nice finish would have been 28.Qg1 QxR!, 29.KxQ Ne2+ followed by 30…NxQ. It took me a while to see this OTB, but I saw it on her clock. Game took just over 30 minutes of my clock time.

Colorado Springs Chess Club (Quads) – Round 2

A week later, I am recreating the game score against Alex from memory, as I cannot find the sheet I had written it on. Update: I’ve found the original scoresheet, and the move-list is now accurate. Alex was visably tired before the game, well he was actually a bit run down whereas normally he is a healthy bundle of energy. I told him after the game that I would have accepted a quick draw just because he appeared under the weather, but he is so used to beating me (7 straight wins against me in the last 12 months). We kibitzed at his house afterwards and I won a …Nc6 KID vs. his Saemisch var as well.

Colorado Springs Chess Club (Quads) – Round 3

The final game was a bit of a laugher, as I missed a variation in the opening from not looking deep enough (which happens at G/30), then I had 4 minutes to his 14 minutes, so I went in for that funky combo which dropped a pawn. At the very end, I dropped my b-pawn, then he pushed his b-pawn, I almost captured it before seeing he would capture my rook, so resigned. Paul is an excellent technical player with the knight as well as with the rook pair.

After the game, Alex pointed out that I had missed the equalizing shot 38…Rg6+! Really, 33…Kg6? is also an error, and I believe that I could try 33…Kf8, 34.Ree7 Rg6, followed by ..h6 and ..Kg8.


3 thoughts on “Jumble-aya

  1. I liked your analogy with that familiar song, yeah quiet opening and then …
    That 23. Bxe7 Bd4+ 24. Kf1 line is really great and unexpected, but your combo still worked fine and provided you with an advantage, that was enough to win.
    Are you watching Candidates tournament, there were 2 interesting wins today.

  2. RollingPawns, thanks! Yeah, Rush is a great band for a chessplayer isn’t it? hehe. πŸ™‚

    I agree with you; I still liked that I had this pawn duo and that his Rf8 was still doing nothing for a while. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for letting me know about the Candidates Matches, I did not know they were going on! Then I just sort of notice on Spragget’s blog after you say that. Incidentally, Spraggett is commenting on some games from the Soviet championships, and I just received in the mail today the book “The Soviet Championships” by Taimanov, purchased off of Amazon. Nice book. I really like Taimanov, even bought his best games as well. Fischer was such a dud, ultimately, and this really made light of other great players. He won some matches, that is all. It really did not matter if he won those matches 6-0 or 4-2.

    If you click on the link to that Wed Round 2 game again, you will see that I have added more moves to that ending, to where it basically lead to. He made bad move and needed to sac his queen for the c-pawn, but the basic idea from the end position given is that White will sac the c7 pawn in order to play Qc3+ and trade queens. Black’s queen cannot stop both c7 pawn and keep up checks on the king.

    I would like to annotate my games more at some point, but I am glad that you appreciate them as is.

    BTW, the chess uploader link is easier than than old way ever was. You can paste a game in here and it will give you a link to it:

    I posted my Thursday Round 2 game, and it still fits this theme song. Artistry is worth rating points in chess. I could have maybe even used your idea in this game, RollingPawns. …Nh7-g5xf3 sort of thing, if she had kept her dark bishop on. πŸ˜€

  3. The game with Alex shows that if you are not in a good shape, you shouldn’t play sharp opening. His taking on f6 is wrong I think and his attack looks bad after that.
    After he misses bxg4 the game is practically over. Good game!
    In the game with Paul after 25 moves it was a draw, you could just stay quietly. Yeas, e5 was a big mistake, still there were drawing chances, one of them Rg6, right.
    Game with Annie is self-explanatory, can’t comment much. πŸ™‚
    I posted my Monday’s game, so you are welcome to comment. πŸ™‚

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