Not sure if I will play this week because getting over a cold.

I’ve switched to only playing blitz online. I’ve lost some better positions from time-pressure, but in my last two games, I’ve really kept my composure, and kept the clock in sight.

I started playing blitz to get better at weird tactical situation quickly, and get a feel for different opening variations, but I’ve come to learn that the purpose of blitz is to find one’s composure and form while playing quickly.

Game 1

Game 2

If you look at these games, there are virtually no tactics. My opponents simply help-mated themselves after inferior positional play. I was looking at a snippet from “The Art of Attack” (which I do not own), and noticed that even though a particular position looks even, the side with the tactic generally has the superior positional aspects – which would probably be lost on most class players. There are often positional ways out of jams as well, as in give up a pawn to avoid the sucker cut-down.

What really matters is kings (MVP 1), then queens (MVP 2), and down the line. That pawn in the early going is just such a small part of the picture, if you have otherwise been developing well, and your opponent poorly.

I’ve been reading the Yermolinsky book “The Road to Chess Improvement”, and he just keeps hammering on the positional play. He doesn’t get so involved in the cute tactical finish, no need to point out the obvious, the point is how the game got to that point!


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