Time-pressure Fatigue

I almost didn’t play because I was still sneezing when I got there, but was fine throughout the game. We got down to where I had 9 minutes to his 6, but then Alex started blitzing me. This time I kept score, but started getting really tired as he rattled off his moves.

Final Round Wednesday’s

In the end, it was his 4 min 16 seconds vs. my 2 min 37 seconds, but by this time I was hunched over the board in a stupor, and never even saw that I had dropped my queen until he took it.

38..f6?? Throws away the win. Simply 38…Qc5 is an obviously winning position. I was afraid he might push his e-pawn, and saw the Qb8+, but didn’t see Qxb5.

After the game, I felt quite tired as I am still getting over this cold, the tail-end of it.

The good part of this game is that I feel that I would have won it at 40/90, G/30 (could use up all my clock time on those last 3 moves, and 38..Qc5 alone would have sealed it). Also, I didn’t feel so bad losing to my buddy Alex, and he got the second place prize. I would love to play in an U1800 money tournament, should I get the chance again. Of course, I would brush up on tactics before such an event as well.


One thought on “Time-pressure Fatigue

  1. You were playing well and definitely winning until f6, right.
    This maneuvering with the major pieces even seeming necessary sometimes carries a risk of the mistake, as my recent game showed. You need some decisive move like Qc5.

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