When Toth Strikes!

Okay so that just _sounded_ cool. Actually, I am playing against a new opponent, an older Hungarian gentleman. His last name, if memory serves, is pronouned like “tote” except that it is treated as two syllables, and you have to exhale after pronouncing the second one.

Round 1

Well, he made a grind out of it, I’ll say. Sometimes those games that just don’t go away can be the most nerve-wracking. I sort of used my “chess IQ” to pull this one out.


3 thoughts on “When Toth Strikes!

  1. His opening pawn sacrifice doesn’t look sound. I thought that you can play 12. d3 and then c4, but he could play Qa4+. Maybe c4 later. The N vs B endgame is lost for him of course.

  2. I played on Thursday. Didn’t sleep enough and well before, so the 45 minutes of sleep at home before the game saved me. I played boy’s father 2 times before and won. The boy was essentially stronger having a bit higher rating than me, so I expected some kind of vendetta, but he was calm. I had Black, he played the same opening better than his father. I tried to keep a balance, exchanges followed until we got into a knight endgame. We both were careful and ended up with a draw. I was pretty happy with it.
    I posted my game from the previous Thursday.

  3. I left a long reply to your post (kept a copy of it in case you can’t un-spam it). šŸ™‚

    Energy is so crucial/critical at G/90, this is why caffeine and sleep can become important or vitamins or sugar or anything that keeps one hyped-up enough to try and cram a complete game into 90 very meager minutes.

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