Calculating Complications

Round 2

I was tired coming into this game, but the B-multivitamin must have helped, and in the end he was more tired than I. I suppose this means that I will be even more tired tomorrow though, drank plenty of coffee today.

I guess that his 6.h3 move was just too slow. This makes me like the Slav more, knowing that a false step can cost White – I really wasn’t aware of this previously. I felt that with h3 and a4, it’s as if White were playing two separate systems – Fruit seems to agree, but as a computer it could not find a solution for White, although I think White is probably still okay, but at least it is perhaps already even.

I thought my 16…Qc7 was lame, and Fruit likes 16…b4 big-time.

19…Nd5? was based on a mis-calculation. I spent a lot of time on it, the 20.Rxb line to be exact, which is White’s correct line. Well, at least I was looking at the right line but too tired to calculate straight because I missed Rc5 at the end of that line.

If I don’t play ..b4, then next best move is actually to play BxRg2, BxBg2 and let White play BxRa8, when I am up the pawn with the superior position and better minor piece.

We both got sloppy at times. At the end, I wanted to play 26…Rxd4, 27.cxd4 BxNd2, 28.KxB Qxd4+ which may seem arrogant, but Fruit says it was actually the best continuation (after I showed it to Fruit, hehe).


One thought on “Calculating Complications

  1. Yes, 16 …b4 looks strong. I don’t like his positional play, that play on the kingside with g4 having a weak queenside makes his king’s position dangerous ( idea with Rxd4 later is based on that). Ra5 looks clumsy and leads to a blunder.
    Good use of the opponent’s mistakes!

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