Round 3, Wednesdays April 2013

I played unprepared, except I knew it would be a Scandinavian opening, and like I tell everybody, James (and DuWayne) are my most difficult opponents to get an advantage against (although Imre is a close 3rd.

Fruit really despises this opening for Black and is giving me major points, but for a human it’s exactly the sort of opening where it’s difficult to tell what exactly is going on. I see a lot, but then there is a lot to evaluate.

I am getting low on clock and energy when James thrown in a zinger 13..Bc5?!! What now? It will take yet more time and energy to figure this out. Here I lost my nerve, and the nervous tension and exhaustion caused by all the time I’ve spent and position on the board has gotten to me. I miss the 15.Qxd4+ completely, and in fact I almost walked into 16.Kf1 Qg1 mate.

After I play 18.Nd6? I am kicking myself for not doubling the rooks, and see his 18…Nc5 coming.

Then, a miracle occurs, he doesn’t play 19…Rad8 (-1.5 -+), but instead makes the rookie move of 19…NxB, and I realize then that I should be able to draw this thing just due to practical chances.

I almost offer a draw after 27.Ra7, but then realize I don’t want to insult him, hate getting rejected by refused offers because it usually scr*ws up my concentration afterward, he can reject it by playing what he did or by forcing a repetition, and he has close to an hour vs my 8 minutes. After the game he said I should have offered it, but juding by the result I was right to not offer one and HE should have been the one to offer on (or force perpetual)!

He played all the way ’til mate, even though I finished with 40 seconds on my clock.

I was so glad to win this game, since this is the “money” tournament, unlike Thursday where I perpetually have zilch shot at one.


4 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. Hi LinuxGuy,

    I’m not sure if you know this and just don’t like the look of it on your blog, but the game replayer at chessvideos.tv will give you a chunk of html code at the bottom that you can put in a blog post and it will show the game here instead of having to follow the link or open it in a new tab. Then people can play through the game and read your commentary at the same time.

    Congrats on the win.

  2. Thanks, Vyshka! I tried adding the code and the WordPress blog won’t let me. Perhaps I’ll look into it at another time and figure it out.

  3. It is interesting that this game consists of tho halves – first where he plays well, including his tricky Bc5 and you look out of shape and second starting, yes, from his Nxb3 where he gives the initiative to you. From that point you look resurrected and consistently overplay him.

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