Sometimes it feels this way to have a game so nailed down.

Thursday Round 3

The key to this game was 5 hours of sleep the night before, plus a 1 hour nap before the game.

During the game, I was hoping he wouldn’t play 19.Qf1, when all I could find was a winning endgame. Fruit likes 19.Qa4, but I would have been quite pleased to see that move at the board. On 19.g3, I was going to play simply …Ne4xg3, which lets one know how great of an idea it is to use one’s tempos to push their pawns in front of their king.

After the game, I showed Dean that I had seen after 19.h3 (a move I hadn’t even bothered to consider for White), …Bxh 20.NxNe4 exNe4, 21.Rd4 (or Rd7) Qe3+, as played in the game, that I was looking at the finish 22.Kh7 exNf3, 23. Rd3 Qf5+, 24.KxB Rf6 followed by …Rh6 mate.

In the opening, I thought that his pawn sac was okay (Fruit doesn’t like it), but that he needed to keep the threat of Bf4 (skewering Qd4 and c7) alive – or at least get a Bd4 in – but that Rf1-e1, which Fruit likes the idea of a lot more than I do, squashed that possibility.


2 thoughts on “Art

  1. I played this line with Black, you feel this opening well.
    I don’t like his pawn sac, he gets nothing for that, you are simply better and have a pawn too.
    Your bishop sacrifice is good, you had a right evaluation of this position.
    Good game!

  2. Thanks, RollingPawns! 🙂

    The truth is that I was up for a difficult pairing, but instead got an opponent who gave me a known, consistently unsuccessful opening. Openings and time spent are a really big deal at G/90, and this variation does not challenge me on the clock because I know how to get out of the opening with at least a satisfactory position.

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