To Be or not to Be

For the first time ever, I kept a neat, easily legible scoresheet. On the board, however, it was a different story. My “game” was going down like the titanic, as I began misfiring all over the place. My only other game against Jordan was a loss as Black, and my confidence was picking right off where it left off from last week, finding a way to lose from a won position.

Round 1

I missed all kinds of shots, and saw most of them after the game. My play was going down in a heap of flames. Too tight to find the mate in two, not taking the obvious piece win on e7, blundering, getting a lucky mate with one minute on my clock. There was really no end to the amount of fortuitous bounces which went my way in this game. I was actually losing and drawing at points. My play? Madness. The result of the game? Another miracle.


2 thoughts on “To Be or not to Be

  1. It looks like you made it difficult on yourself. You had advantage all the time.
    Try to play in a steady tempo, starting from the opening.
    I beat an expert on Monday, will try to post the game.
    Today I played with the boy to whom I lost twice with Black. He was getting good positions and then finding some tactical solutions. I got Black again, decided to simplify the game, played Slav defense. Was again under some positional pressure, but no weaknesses.
    He thought too long and probably under time pressure missed a tactical shot,
    I got a pawn and initiative. In the end it was complicated position with equal material and ~1:20 remaining for each. I offered a draw, he agreed. I just though that I will be very upset if I will lose on time. this game, where I played well.

  2. RollingPawns, congrats on your wins! 🙂 If they get around to rating you again, and especially now, you should be well over 1800. I think your rating should be higher than mine. 😀

    You are right about the tempo of the game. I have been noticing lately that I am _not_ a good “blitz” player, as I need close to a minute move to make it look like a game played at my standard of excellence, and not dogging it all over the place.

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