Danish Gambit Declined

Round 1

About this game, first I’d like to say that Katar has inspired me to play this sort of pawn sac. It was a White gambit opening, and I turned it into a gambit by Black, which Fruit loves. 😉

It felt more like a LaBourdannais-McDonnell game than one between the two of us, at our modes ratings. Her coach requires his pupils to play gambits.

What is it about gambits that can bring out the best in us? Here is a soundtrack for this game:


3 thoughts on “Danish Gambit Declined

  1. Honored to be mentioned. I think the coach is on to something by teaching all gambits. If the Alterman Gambit Guide books existed a few years ago I probably would have started out with those.

  2. I think you could play another game after this game, which looks more like a warm-up.
    I was looking for a mate at the time you sacrificed your queen, but couldn’t see it.
    I published my last Monday’s game.

  3. Sorry, I’ve took so long to respond, been busy I guess.

    Katar, it’s true, I really like how you would inject gambit play into your repertoires as Black. I feel that some of the ones you play, sort of like the one in this game, are really more like hyper-vigilant defenses than gambits. If gonna lose pawn, lose it in the most awesome way possible. 😉 Whereas, I prefer not to play a gambit opening, per se, unless provoked into it somehow.

    RollingPawns, there was a mate there at the end, not sure if you already saw where Black could have played …Qf2+ followed by …Rah8 ( rook’s first move of the game! ), but I instant played …QxRh1 without looking for anything better just because it felt better to immediately force the conclusion of the game with a nice knight fork (I also had 3 minutes on clock, which was plenty of time).

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