Time-Pressure against an Expert

…is a sure recipe for disaster.

Round 2

I played 21..b5?? with the intention of preventing 22.e4, but only after he played 22.Rh1 did I notice that 22…Rf7 fails to 28.Qxg6! I saw it before I played …Rf7 (my plan was to correctly play ..Rg7, but it’s a move too late) but my position was lost anyway and so I played the move just to see, but it was obvious from his body language. Actually, I think I saw it before he did, but my body language didn’t give anything away because I knew there was nothing I could do.

The game was interesting in how he slowly outplayed me, and even Fruit is of little use because it seems to underestimate his attack as well. The computer things the ..Rg7 defense played in time is only -.5, but around 20 moves later Black can get mated, so maybe if you are a computer you may or may not be able to defend, but he had all of the chances because of the time advantage and position.

This game was so nuanced, which is what makes Paul such a tough opponent to play against. After I played ..Nf6-d7, I realized that I should have played …h6 first, for example, when I noticed that he was probably going to play Qa4-c2, which is what he did. Lots of examples like this, and obviously Black has the more difficult task, but it’s difficult to sort of be able to choose the right move “in advance” because of the time control. It’s more like a FICS game with tons of blunder-checking (until the time-scramble, of course).


2 thoughts on “Time-Pressure against an Expert

  1. It looks like you play slowly and take your time and this is not what will pass in this position.
    Maybe f5 on move 12, something not allowing him to develop his attack.
    The maneuver with knight getting on e4 doesn’t work because eventually it allows him to force an exchange and opening of the “h” line. Of course he plays very well using every possibility.

  2. 12…f5 is an interesting move. You are right that I played into his attack with …Ne4. The natural plan in this position would be 12…c5, 13…Nc6, 14…Rac8 – Black should be fine here, and by then White should have castled somewhere.

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