Same Thing

….different day.

Thursday, Round 2

Well, I guess it helps to know that I was winning in this one. With 36 seconds remaining to play a knight ending, he completely ignored my offer like it was a joke, and that is how I played it. I should have avoided making the offer and the time-trouble.

After the game, I was naturally upset at myself for simply not marching my king to the middle of the board in a position Fruit evaluates as 0.0. I played b4, but then the knight has to stay on b8, that is the point of the position. I knew this after the game, but in time-pressure it’s difficult to remember the point of a position, let alone find a realistic plan.


4 thoughts on “Same Thing

  1. It looks like a completely drawn game and this is very good against 2000 rated guy..
    Then in the knight ending, I don’t like the whole idea with Nb8.
    Knight ending is the same as pawn ending, so your king is important.
    The time factor is important too, these endings are sharp – you have to calculate all the time and 36 seconds is not enough anyway, so there was a high probability of you making mistake even with a right positional play.
    You should really think and try to do something regarding the time control.
    I lost yesterday a completely drawn rook endgame against 1685 rated guy.
    I had Black, played Caro-Kann, defended a lot, did it pretty well and had a time advantage.
    But then I remembered that it was a last round, I was 0.5 point behind the leaders, so instead of offering a draw I thought I can win on time. He started to play faster and with a bit more than 5 minutes I blundered a pawn and then lost. So, I am not an example too. 🙂
    My rating raised to 1750 after Mondays and here will raise a bit too, I finished on +2.

  2. RollingPawns, this is great news about your rating! Okay, confession time, I just checked your Canadian rating and I can see that it is up to 1770. Congratulations! It’s been a long time coming, and you’ve clearly deserved it to say the least 🙂

    Yes, its that I need to spend less time on artistic decisions in clearly playable positions.

    1685 has no busines beating your Caro-Kahn, unless you are “playing for the win” so to speak. With your style and that opening in particular it is generally better to wait for the win to fall into your lap than it is to push it. So, playing for the draw can lead to a win, and playing for the win can unfortunately lead to a loss. You were Black, and it’s G/90, so it’s best to shrug it off and be thankful for having the White pieces in your next round! 😉

    BTW, I am not the only one who thinks it is almost a sin that we don’t have a second-time control. As you experienced, it has a ridiculous effect on endgames. Paul Anderson, the Expert player, plans his clock usage for endgames because that is the beautiful part of the game for him. He won a textbook looking opposite bishop endgame by zugzwang in close to 80 moves on Wednesday, and I mean he is the one adding to the textbook. That doesn’t just happen, the player has to know that this is what they are playing/striving for from move one. Also, I was shocked that Magnus lost that easy looking endgame (lost the pawn) against Wang Hao, and he thought it was a tough position. His Rb6-b3 retreat move puzzled me, and then he lost his pawn.

    You can always post your game. It’s fun and elightening to analyze. I was analyzing Peter’s game against Buck, along with Alex, at a Chicago Pizza House after our Thursday game. I was tearing apart Buck’s handling of the King’s Gambit as White, as well as Peter’s play as Black. It makes me realize just how much we can under-perform as attackers at this time-control.

  3. You are right about not pressing for a win. Yes, my rating says 1770, though in details it’s 1750, so or it’s a next tournament somehow counted, or it’s a mistake.

  4. lol at your comments to my last two posts – you get right to point and are correct about what happened in those two games. 😉

    RollingPawns, I think your rating “should be” around 1900, at least. I find it amusing how we play in these tournaments that low-ball our ratings because of either the time-control or the strength of our opponents. A GM would be vulnerable to us with the Black pieces under the right conditions, and it wouldn’t be the opening, it would be pulling a “Magnus” on them in the endgame. 😀

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