My Style of Play

I spend a lot of clock-time deciding which move will give me most artistic leeway, particularly in the opening where raw calculation goes out the window, and it’s more a question of positional or artistic feel.

Against lower-rated players, this coefficient becomes cranked up all the more because it is a chance to challenge one’s self. Of course, passive play could get the job done, but that’s not the way to improve so as to win against stronger players, and it also leads to a lot of assumptions about what an opponent is or isn’t capable of.

I played little Jason in this game, who had just beaten Dean, sitting behind me in the background of this picture, in the previous round. In this picture, I am deciding what I want to do with this game, and it leads to the decision to play …Bg6, which was essentially the deciding move in the game because then Jason’s young eyes lit up big, and he played f4 instantly in reply.

I saw their game for a split second and it had appeared as if Jason had hung two knights in a position which lead to checkmate against Dean. So, I was not about to let anything just “happen” to me in this game without a real “street-fight”.

Round 3


6 thoughts on “My Style of Play

  1. I played tonight, you will not believe it. I asked to play in the top section, still got 1465 rated guy. OK, maybe there was an odd number of players. So, in the beginning his play is moderate and he is spending quite a lot of time. I expect an easy win. Then he gets initiative, presses and eventually wins a pawn, leaving him with two connected passed pawns on the queenside.
    Then he forces rooks exchange, so it’s his B vs. my N and I realize that the game is lost.
    I also get behind on time. And then he blunders one of the passed pawns.
    I get energized and accelerate. I manage to take the other pawn with the king, letting him to take the one on the kingside. Then eventually he is left with one pawn and I sac the knight having ~50 seconds left. The boy is upset. While driving home I start to think that the guy played too well for his rating, mine was outdated maybe his too. I check it at home – `1830. πŸ™‚

  2. At least you are winning! πŸ™‚

    I lost both of my games this week, both as Black against higher-rated. Wednesday’s game, I offered a draw in an equal position but was focused on making quicker moves than I normally make. So all of my quick moves were lousy and what could have been a superior position with winning chances turned into a losing position that I did not hold a pawn down.

    On Thursday, tonight, I may have had winning chances, but I could have forced a perpetual against Josh, who is almost Expert. I spent 4 minutes deciding on not taking the draw, but only had 1 minute then to play the game. He made a move I did not expect and I dropped my queen en-prise with 17 seconds on my clock. I had two pieces hanging, but Qd7 holds both and I am not worse. Obviously, I should have taken the draw, although I felt I had nothing to lose by going for the win. It was impossible to play the position right given my clock, however.

  3. I didn’t win, it was his last pawn and I didn’t have any, so draw.
    Sorry for your losses.
    I played today against ~1850 boy. I had white, he played Marshall attack.
    I accepted and played modern Re4 variation. I defended well, his attack died down and then I got initiative. He then made a mistake and lost on 37th move, it was a straight mate coming.
    I was happy that my studies and my online experience served me well in this case.

  4. RollingPawns, I am glad you are winning and remembering these variations! πŸ™‚ Getting a draw is cool, too. Marshall attack is difficult to play as White, that is awesome that you won, you should post it!

    In my game on Wednesday I lost because of innacuracies, no real need to have made them. Then on the Thursday game I missed a totally obvious mate in two threat that would have cinched the game in my favor. I was awake and felt good because of coffee, but drank so much coffee that I was swotting variations heavily at the board. I was at least happy that I played a good opening, but then Shredder demo program thinks I could do whatever in the opening and be fine, even pawn sac as Black is equal, so this is useless for me to know but it makes me feel foolish for spending so much time on it. πŸ˜‰

    I think you would have won my Thursday game, twice, easily. It’s really embarrassing, and not even that many moves played. My only excuse is that I work 9 hours at a call center before the game. hehe.

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