The Pin

So, after my two embarrassing losses last week, I wanted to post a game for a happier occasion. 🙂

Wednesdays, Round 5

When I played 20.NxN, I had realized that I was winning the game, and took a nineteen minute break between moves before I played it. It was more to get refreshment and get my energy level back before I played on. I finished with thirty-one minutes remaining on my clock.

I started this game out badly, but luckily was chess-hungry, so when he played 13…Bxb5?, I was eager to win. Actually, 14…Kxf7? instead of …Ke7 is where the game is lost, according to Fruit, but it’s not the first move a person usually thinks about.


2 thoughts on “The Pin

  1. Very good, energetic play. It looks like the pawn sac paid off.
    Yeah, allowing exf7+ was a major mistake. He was worse after fxe6, but not as in the game.

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