Ancient Trap

Hadn’t played Ken in a long time. particularly as White. He is a solid player, but perhaps you can guess by the title what went awry.

Round 1

I spent 20 minutes playing 4.dxc, was going to trade queens. I didn’t realize that after 4.Bd3 Nc6, 5.Nf3 Bg4, 6.d5 Ne5, White has 7.NxNe5! BxQd1?, 8.Bb5+! In the line played I was simply going to trade queens.

Finished the game with 23 minutes to his 8.


8 thoughts on “Ancient Trap

  1. Yeah, that was a nice trap. 🙂 sometimes we need a break.
    I played in the rapid, 15/G tournament on Thursday.
    Unexpectedly I did very well – +3, -1, =1.
    I was concentrated and cool and saw simple tactics better than my opponents.
    The only game I lost (after first 2 wins) was against a little Asian boy.
    He asked me something before the game that I didn’t understand at all, then after my reply asked again in the same manner. His friends started to laugh saying that he distracts me.
    Then in some quiet 1. d4 d5 opening he started to play fast. I played fast too, until he suddenly grabbed my queen with his knight.
    Can you imagine it? First loss in two sections.
    Luckily, I thought that it’s just fatigue, drank some more coffee and finished with a win and a draw. After the last round I talked to the boy (nice boy, the same that played Marshall against me on Monday) that I played with in the 4th round and won and mentioned this situation.
    You know what he said – that the boy played the same trick on him, asking the same stuff (not audible) and playing fast – and he missed a mate in one move. Little $%^&#$*(&er. 🙂
    So I shared 3-5 place and was happy about it.
    Maybe my online chess finally melted into something material.

  2. Too bad G/15 is not Standard rated, you would have got a whole mess of rating points!

    It’s harder to see obvious tactics on a 3-D board. That knight fork that ended the game above took me 4 whole minutes to play! I was calculating mate in other lines, then spotted the fork and spent anthother 30 seconds thinking to myself why I hadn’t seen it before. It took my friend Alex about the same amount of time to spot it (the eye immediately goes to the materialistic pawn-grabbing …Nxf3+ move). My opponent Ken didn’t see it until after I had played …Nd3+, and then he audibled something loud (non-offensive) and resigned. Can you believe that? haha. Part of the damage of the last few moves I played was that it caught him off-guard, and I played more quickly than usual so he tried to as well and so blundered even more.

    I remember in the Army there were a few Specialists or rank Seargants who if you tried to argue with them would say something completely non-sensical, so that everyone standing around, their jaws would drop, and you would forget what you were saying, let alone be able to hammer them with any logic. It seems like that kid did the same sort of thing to you. At the time it made me angry, but now I realize that it is a real (negative) art-form to be able to do that as I cannot even demonstrate an example for you of it. 😀

    Great Job, nevertheless! 🙂 Did you make any prize-money for that tournament? 😉

    There was a kid who used to play at our clubs, he hardly plays anymore, named Kurt. Kurt would play really slow like me, but then he would blitz out tactics or endgames at the end in bullet fashion. The moves would often be either blunders or stronger than expected, but he could have 12 minutes on his clock and then want to play 10 moves in a minute, even with sacs, and you would sense that you neeed to make quick moves back (and maybe needed to by that point as well) – it would often have a devastating effect, but you couldn’t find any “only” moves at that speed in response. I am realizing now that G/90 is half beating your opponent OTB and half beating your opponent with the clock. I note who is beating who on the clock now after every move – never used to do this before.

  3. Also, some things have changed with my schedule. After a year on the morning-shift, I am going to switch back to the swing-shift of 4pm to 1am with Wednesdays and Thursdays off starting the 23rd of this month, so I will be well-rested for these weeknight games in the future! 🙂

    Here are some tournaments coming up:
    Pikes Peak Open, August 10 – 11, 2013
    Monument Open V, August 17 – 18, 2013
    Colorado Open, August 31 – September 1, 2013
    Tri-Lakes Open, October 5 – 6, 2013
    Winter Springs Open, December 7 – 8, 2013

    The only one of these tournaments that I will miss is the Colorado Open, I will almost certainly be at the Tri-Lakes Open, though it’s not 100%, but I will be attending the other events on this list! 🙂

  4. I didn’t get anything for that tournament except satisfaction. These club tournaments don’t have any prize funds, you pay your annual fee and play for free the whole year, that’s it.
    Big tournaments like I played in September last year have some money, but it is very difficult to get it, too many people in each section and only a few get something.
    I am glad that you have a good schedule now, it is very important.
    You have more tournaments coming up than me 🙂 . I wish you to do well there.
    Yesterday I played with an expert and lost. Wasn’t at my best and he develops a strong positional pressure right from the opening, so you pay for any mistake.

  5. Yes, that is how Experts win, quiet and sure-handedly; they test one’s confidence level at playing solid-style chess.

    Thanks for the well-wishes! 🙂 There is even a tournament tonight 4-round G/30 w/Rounds 1-2 tonight that I might attend.

  6. I played tonight G/30, won against Shirley, but lost against Gunnar trying to go for winning chances in an equal endgame position – it was a double-rook endgame, my position was better, but evidently the only right way to play it was to repeat the position.

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