Same Losing Endgame

Round 3

Another Wednesday, another round in which I had Black, and just like last week played solid but missed my chance, which was 15…d5! instead of 15.Ne7c6?!

After this, I somehow manage to blow this endgame, and luckily my opponent returns the favor. I had this exact same pawn structure and lost to Barry Hepsley a couple years ago. 52.Kh6 wins in this game, and the critical move is to play 57.Kxc6 after which b5 creates a passer, but he played 57.Kxa6? which is 0.0 according to Fruit. In the other game, Hepsley played Kxc6 and won. It’s weird, I instantly knew which move was the draw and which was the win without knowing why, other than because I was recalling the previous game at that moment. Strange, huh?

Of my approx 1,000 rated games 70 have been draws, or 7%, so I am working on trying to draw as Black, but I guess am just a little to focused on the draw perhaps. Two draws lately as Black, a solid result.


One thought on “Same Losing Endgame

  1. This game was looking like destined for a draw.
    In the end you could not let him to get to the king kingside, just hold the line and it’s a draw.
    Yeah, Kh6 was winning, I think he played routinely – giving up the passed pawn wins and didn’t see the zugzwang.

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